How To Create A Mediterranean Themed Garden

How To Create A Mediterranean Themed Garden

How To Create A Mediterranean Themed Garden – There are many creative avenues to explore with a property. Some people like the décor to reflect parts of their personality, while others prefer that their changes represent concepts or faraway places. For example, some people may aim for a rustic feel for the interiors of their property. It can be a bold shift, but it is worthwhile and helps the home feel unique and characterful. Moreover, these themes serve as a framework for further ideas, inspiring an onslaught of creativity. 

Gardens are also great spaces that can serve a theme well. A Mediterranean feel can work wonders, creating a lush and unique outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. Here are some things you might want to consider if you’re exploring this route.  

Prepare the Soil

You can’t just start planting Mediterranean plants on a whim. Your garden needs to be suitably prepared first. Some soil in the UK is too dense and holds lots of water. However, plants from the Mediterranean thrive in drought-type weather and need well-drained soil. 

Therefore, you may need to evolve yours somewhat by using organic material, compost, and horticultural grit to improve its drainage. If you are not comfortable changing your soil’s texture, then raised flower beds should be a compromise that you’re more comfortable with. 

It is best to start here so that you realise the full-scale of what you’re getting into. It should excite you. After all, you’re not just creating a shallow recreation of a faraway place. Instead, you’re making changes that can intrinsically redefine your property. More authenticity can be added this way. 

Plant the Right Plants

Flora is what will most strongly sell your effort at a Mediterranean themed garden. Any missteps and the illusion is shattered. 

Do some research into the types of Mediterranean plant life you should be looking into. It is recommended that you feature palms, gazanias, different types of rosemary, phlomis, lavender, and more. The rosemary plant can emit a powerful aroma, too, which can further immerse people in the different world and feel of your back garden. 

Succulents can add some extra nuance too. You can pot these and put them on display on your garden furniture or position them elsewhere. For instance, they can grow out of gaps in stonework and gravel in the Mediterranean, so arranging them in similar spots in your garden may replicate this and bring some detailed authenticity. 

You can also plant herbs for your use too. Oregano, thyme, and sage can all be found in the Mediterranean. Be sure to use terracotta pots to nurture them effectively and place them in full view of the sun to enhance their growth. Practical elements may bring some added grit to your theme and create more than just a pretty display of the Mediterranean. 

Create a Themed Seating Area

If your love of the Mediterranean stems from a past visit there, then no doubt you miss the warmer climate. However, safety is essential when dealing with the sun, and you will know that many people gather under shade when enjoying the great outdoors. 

You can bring that holiday feeling home using a gorgeous patio sun awning to create a shaded seating area beside your home that is delightful and charming. Nationwide Home Innovations make the process easier for you, too, providing free no-obligation quotes along with a 5-year guarantee. They use only the finest quality materials also, so what you create here will look and feel truly splendid. 

Of course, you’re not just creating a Mediterranean themed sitting area here either. Summers in the UK are getting warmer, so your awnings aren’t just props to be enjoyed. They will serve you well in protecting you from the UV rays and heat from the sun and make sure you’re comfortable and content when enjoying your garden. 

Cap things off here with stone slabs or glazed, colourful tiles. You could use gravel, but the former options will help keep the space clean and cool most effectively. Walking around the area barefoot would be doable too. 

Think About Water Features

UK gardens have fountains, but they can be somewhat uninspired and humble in appearance. Water features are an important part of a Mediterranean garden, and they certainly make an impactful impression. 

Mediterranean water features are often ornate and grand creations. They can be multi-levelled, and the sound of their rushing waters can be loud yet soothing. You can create a serene ambience of peace and tranquillity with their inclusion. 

Because this part of the world can be so hot and humid, plentiful, and elaborate water features can also be a welcome bit of relief. You’ll no doubt appreciate that side of things more when warmer summers begin to arrive. 

There are more than fountains to consider too. Ponds and pools can be worthy additions if your garden is big enough, creating a more profound exotic feel. There is a wide range of options to consider here, each of which can add an intriguing dynamic to your Mediterranean garden. 

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