Essential Apps For Hen Parties

Essential Apps For Hen Parties

Essential Apps For Hen Parties – Got a bit of a headache from hen party planning? From organising the essentials and managing money, to breaking the ice with hilarious party games, these apps will help you bring it all together smoothly, so you can focus on the fun stuff. 


Introducing Little Miss Organised…


Stop playing Facebook ping pong by running a simple poll with potential dates for the hen party.  Email the link for the poll to every person you want to invite. No need to sign up, everyone just selects the dates that they can do and the app will calculate the most agreeable date across the group.

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The ultimate wedding inspiration website and app, Pinterest can also help you share ideas and create a beautiful hen do. If you’re finding it tricky to decipher what the bride really wants, ask her to use images to visualize her dream hen weekend.  You can also collaborate on ideas by creating a mood board and inviting all of the hens to get involved.  

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Google Docs

If you’re a spreadsheet queen, you’ll love this app which allows you to create, share and edit documents live from your phone. Perfect for recording information such as who’s coming, who’s paid and the details of what you’ll be doing for the weekend.  

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Hen & Stag App

This app from Maximise hen weekends is designed to take the stress out of hen party organisation by allowing you and your group members to view the exact details of your weekend – including your itinerary, timings, contact numbers, venues and directions. It also keeps track of payments and allows people to pay their share for the weekend directly.  

Money matters

Go digital with budgeting to save cash and take the awkwardness out of requesting and keeping track of payments.


Hen dos can get expensive. This app can help you save by using your location to show you offers for shops, restaurants and bars nearby. Use it to search for offers in your hen party destination before arriving and save the vouchers for later.

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No one wants to play Mrs Accountant on a hen weekend. Log expenses over the weekend as you go and Splittr will tell you who is next to pay and who needs to pay what to whom.

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Starting to wish you’d had a shot at Duke of Edinburgh? Well now’s your chance to shine!  

Find my Friends

Imagine that friend that is constantly getting lost or arriving late, then imagine her after a bottle of wine and multiplied by 15. Keeping a group of friends together in an unfamiliar city can be challenging. This app allows you to easily locate each other using your smartphone. Each friend will appear as their own personal icon on the app’s map.

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The definitive city route planner, giving you end-to-end public transport, cycling and walking instructions to get you from A to B. Serves not all, but many major city destinations including Berlin, Hamburg, London, Manchester, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris.

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Check TripAdvisor reviews and ratings to find the best activities, restaurants, bars and clubs. Use the Near Me Now feature to discover places near your current location and make reservations.

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Google Translate

If you’re heading overseas and you’ve not had a chance to brush up on the local lingo, Google Translate is like having a personal interpreter in your pocket. Also, if you’re an Android user, you don’t even need an internet connection with its offline mode. So if you’re struggling to find a Wi-Fi spot – no problem.

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XE currency convertor

With live exchange rates for all currencies, you won’t be stuck withdrawing an obscene amount of foreign monopoly money by accident. This app works offline so there is no need to worry about data roaming charges abroad.

Get it on IOS or Android

TravelSafe Pro

We hope it doesn’t, but if something does go wrong and you need emergency services in a foreign land, this app might get you out of a sticky situation. Police, ambulances, fire engines and embassy details will be at your fingers tips. Also great for future holidays, we think the download cost of £0.99 is worth the peace of mind.

Party games

Keep up the tempo with these ice-breakers…

Heads up

A classic party game, Heads Up is similar to the dinner table game ‘Who Am I’ or the board game Articulate, except that with Heads Up all you need is your phone and your forehead. From naming celebrities to singing and silly accents – the idea is to guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out. A great ice breaker when waiting for a plane or train connection.

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Evil Apple

This one is sure to break the ice between the ladies in your group. The makers describe it as a filthy and hilarious game inspired by the incredibly popular card game, Cards Against Humanity. Players are challenged to fill in the blanks with the weirdest, funniest or most downright outrageous statements they can think of.

Get it on IOS 

Reverse Charades

This game is a hilarious twist on classic charades, instead of one person acting out the words for the team to guess, with this app the entire team chooses 30, 60 or 90-second rounds to act out as many words as one person can guess. It’s fast-paced, noisy and hilarious – perfect for getting even the quietest hens in the party spirit.

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Sharing (or not sharing) is caring


This one needs little introduction. The mother of all photo-sharing apps, Instagram’s filters will help you share those beautiful moments (and look much better than you actually do after a few drinks!).

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WhatsApp Messenger

The most useful conversation app for keeping everyone in the loop, sharing special moments and pictures in private through group messages over the weekend. Make sure all the girls download it before the fun starts.

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Stop Drunk Texting

If you or one of the girls has a nasty habit of drunk texting an ex on a night out, quickly put a stop to it, you don’t need such things hanging over you on a hen do. Simply install the app before the night gets too wild and select the contacts from the user’s phone book which will be temporarily removed, preventing them from calling or texting while drunk. 

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