Eco Swaps to Make This Summer

Eco Swaps to Make This Summer

Eco Swaps to Make This Summer – Unless you have been literally living under a rock, you will know there is a big push to focus on the environment right now. Between climate change, mass consumption, and waste, the world is fast becoming a dumping ground that will soon not be able to be cleared.

While the ownership of this issue should be placed on large corporations, that does not mean that others do not want to do what they can to help.

If you are looking at how you can take your own steps to help look after the planet, then here are some swaps you can make to keep the world turning!

Use Reusable Bottles

Sometimes when you are caught out in the heat, you might have little choice but to grab bottled water to hydrate. However, with some careful planning, carrying a reusable bottle around with you can lessen that chance of you having to buy yet another plastic bottle, as you can fill up with tap water at any restaurant or café for free.
If you are someone who is sensitive to unfiltered tap water, then buy yourself a bottle with a built-in filter, which works while you drink!

Focus on Eco-Friendly Products

Some of our day-to-day items are not actually biodegradable, and we use so many different things so often that it is easy to not even think about it. But the truth is, that wet wipes, face wipes, cotton buds, laundry detergent, and cleaners can all contain plastics or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Start to pay attention to what is in the regular products you buy, and try and switch to something that is a little more earth friendly!

There will usually be an indicator on the packet as to whether something is vegan, recyclable, or environmentally friendly!

Swap Out Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic is everywhere, and as long as we are still using it, the less inclined manufacturers will be to swap to something else. Try and make a conscious effort to rid yourself of single-use plastics, and if you run a business, even more so! Takeaway plastic is extremely common, so businesses might find it beneficial to switch to eco friendly take away food containers. They can still provide the service they offer, but without any of the drawbacks of single-use plastic!
For home, focus on glassware for a simple swap, though be aware of the glass will not be suitable. Tupperware is also a good investment, as you can get a significant amount of use out of them for years with a variety of different things.


Our planet is the only one we have (at the moment, anyway), and many believe it is important that we all make a collective effort to do what we can to keep the Earth healthy.
These are just a few steps that can be taken which will have a little negative impact on our lives but perhaps a significant impact on the world.

Poppy Watt

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