Caring for Lips with Project Lip

Caring for Lips with Project Lip

Caring for Lips with Project Lip – I hate to say it, but my thoughts recently have been geared towards gifts. No doubt based on the nature of my profession; it is clear to say that this time of year brings an abundance of fabulous ideas and suggestions into my inbox.

I was particularly intrigue with the concept of Project Lip the fully gender free brand that has been developed with multi-use products, each product having key benefits to provide the perfect canvas for any lip look.

Not only taking care of the health of your lips with the cooler season approaching they also offer super kit ideas in a variety of natural shades.

Joy Howieson, Founder and CEO of Project Lip, says “As we approach Autumn and Winter, our lips are left exposed to harsher conditions which can be brutal often leaving them chapped or dehydrated. 

As an MUA, I know most of us will want to reach for those pillar box reds, burgundy and chocolate lipstick shades so the Project Lip scrub, mask and primer have been formulated with hydration and nourishment in mind. Eliminating the flaking skin that can build up and intensely hydrating lips – leaving you the perfect smooth canvas for your lips” 

Women Talking talks to Joy about the importance of healthy-looking lips.

Why is there such a big demand for plumped lips?

“I think the demand for plumper lips has always been there, I would say starting with Angelina Jolie and has filtered through generations now with social media when Kylie Jenner confirmed that she’d received lip fillers. Since then, we’ve just seen the aesthetics industry boom with many looking to mimic her plumped-up pout or looking for slight ‘tweakment’”. 

Do you think plumped lips are here to stay?

“Plumped lips are more accessible than ever, especially with these “lips on your lunch” appointments, at one point we did see negative backlash with some dubbing it ‘the trout pout’. However, beauty standards have shifted to become more embracing, and the key message now is that it’s not about comparison. 

Now with non-invasive, and temporary-lasting, over-counter products like the Matte Lip Plumping Primer, I think plumped lips are here to stay but on a more inner-confidence boosting element rather than trying to imitate anyone else.” 

Who is your largest audience for your products?

“We are not a gender-specific brand so we have a variety of men, women and non-binary customers. Age-wise, it varies from 20 – 45+ years old. 

We have Gen Z who are looking for a vegan and non-invasive alternative to lip filler. As we age, the rate that we produce collagen plummets, so our more mature customers are looking for collagen-boosting ingredients to keep their lips firm, smooth, and full of volume which in turn makes them hydrated, smooth, and visibly plumper.” 

How do the Project Lip products work?

“Our Plump and Colour and Plump and Gloss deliver a tingling sensation that stimulates blood flow which causes the lip to slightly swell for fuller plumper-looking lips. They come in a variety of shades to apply straight to the lip or clear that can be used on bare lips.”

Do you have any other products in the pipeline?

“We’ve experienced so much growth during the COVID-19 lockdown as many looked for a “stop-gap” between appointments. We were able to really connect to our customers and start putting into motion their highly requested products! We’ve recently successfully launched our reformulated Hydra Matte Plumping Balm with even more moisturising power and buildable, highly pigmented, colours.” 

What inspired you start the company?

“I was on the way back from Australia when I developed a life-threatening pulmonary embolism, it was from here that I decided to bring my idea to life. I knew myself; I didn’t want lip filler and the plumpers available on the market at the time were very tacky and almost burned your lips, so, I took my life savings, and a bet on myself, to launch the brand. 

I worked closely with a cosmetic scientist for three years and launched our first product – fast forward another three years – we’ve expanded our product range and are now available globally on e-commerce giants: Look Fantastic, Pretty Little Thing, Beauty Bay, REVOLVE US and FashionNova Beauty.” 

What lip product should you never be without?

“Wherever you are, whether it’s a brunch with the girls or running across town for a client meeting, it’s important to have that lip “top-up” with you. For me, it’s the Matte Plumping Primer when my lips feel dry or my lipstick needs a refresh, I reapply to keep my lips super smooth, soft, and re-hydrated.” 

Having tried the kit myself, it really was a fun experience, not only did it give me some all-important ‘time out’ as the mask requires a good 15 to 20 minutes it left my lips looking super lush!

Caring for lips with Project lip

How to use the lip kit:

Apply the scrub to lips, made with natural sweet orange oil extract the edible fruity lip scrub gently buffs away dead skin cells, promotes the absorption of vitamin C and collagen production. 

The next step is applying the collagen infused-hydrogel lip mask, again full of vitamin-rich moisture-locking ingredients that work to nourish, restore, and condition the lips. 

The matte plumping primer is a non-sticky formula that stimulates the production of collagen in the lips to create a more defined shape. The lip primer is infused with a host of nourishing, hydrating ingredients that replenish vital moisture and provide the perfect base for other lip products. 

For more information visit Project Lip here

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