A Sculpture Park Haven

A Sculpture Park Haven

A Sculpture Park Haven – With wellness becoming more and more important in peoples lives, it is no wonder the Sculpture Park in Churt is an impressive haven for not only those looking for garden inspiration but the whole family to lose themselves in an inspiring wonderland.

Britain’s most atmospheric sculpture park specialises in the 20th century, modern and contemporary sculpture for gardens and interior designs, collectors, and investors.

Women Talking were pleased to discover that the sculpture park is open daily (booking is necessary) to the public and features art from over 300 internationally renowned artists showing a vast selection of variety, flair, and advantageous medium to stimulate your imaginary senses.

On our recent visit we were happy to find plenty of resting points for you to ponder over the environment and the all-important restroom facilities are available on site. Although refreshments are not on offer, The Sculpture Park are more than happy for you to take your own picnic and offer a selection of super picnic spots on your route around the park.

A Sculpture Park Haven

The extensive sculpture collection is sited within ten acres of stunning arboretum and wildlife inhabited water gardens which have been developed with a series of landscaping projects and the introduction of thousands of new plants, bulbs, and specimen trees. Taking advantage of the natural contours of the rolling Surrey Hills has resulted in the perfect retreat for the display of sculpture. With over two miles of paths meandering through mixed heathland and woodland in a natural valley enhanced by three lakes fed by two natural springs, the park is certainly one of Surrey’s hidden gems.

Sculptures are a fantastic way to add personality and eccentricity to any room or garden. It can be aesthetically pleasing; it can start a conversation and inspire creativity in the viewer. What’s more from my own experience, a well-placed, uplifting sculpture is the ultimate personal healer during stressful times.

How sculptures can fulfil our lives:

When you are drawn to a particular piece of art, whether it is a sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, or music it generally makes you feel good. If you connect to the piece in a positive way, is a visual expression of what you find meaningful.

A Sculpture Park Haven

Sculptures are a sound way to invest your money. Imagine possessing a truly remarkable piece that will also see a significant increase in value at a future date. There are collectors whose sole intent for buying art is to build a collection that will yield financial return in the future.

Inspiration and Motivation are fuelled when viewing a beautiful piece that has inspired you. They can have a dual effect by filling you with new vigour and strength to undertake a challenging task you may have before you or a calming effect if you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

A sculpture of choice can brighten and transform any setting by giving it character and personality, it can enrich your environment having a positive effect on you and the surroundings.

If you are hoping to give a memorable, thoughtful, and innovative gift a sculpture could be the answer.

We have been to the Sculpture Park a couple of times now; each trip offered a totally new experience. For more information visit here.

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