6 Ways to Look Younger

6 Ways to Look Younger

6 Ways to Look Younger – Age is just a number. But the daily stresses of life can leave us looking older than we feel.

We would all rather age like a fine wine than old milk. If you want to help your body age gracefully then try these six essential tips and tricks. 

Apply a Daily SPF

When you’re outside, be sure that you protect your skin – this means applying sun cream in the summer and using an SPF moisturiser for the rest of the year. 

During those summer months, it’s recommended by The British Association of Dermatologists to stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm.

Not only can too much time in the sun be dangerous, but unprotected sun exposure can really age our skin. 

Look After Your Teeth

A bright smile and healthy teeth will take years off your appearance.

Be sure to keep up with your dentist’s appointments – regular trips to a trusted healthcare provider like Portman Dental Care every six months will ensure you always have a smile that sparkles.

Consume More Vitamin C

Load your diet with fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C – strawberries, peppers, and broccoli are excellent natural sources.

Vitamin C is a great way to boost your body’s collagen, which keeps your skin looking firm and younger for longer. 

Stay Hydrated

It’s of course important to stay hydrated for your health. But did you know that increasing your water intake can also improve your skin too?

Studies have been conducted into how water impacts our complexion, from the reduction of acne to positive improvements to our skin’s physiology.

Dry skin will leave you looking older and impact your skin’s natural ability to regenerate, causing permanent aging far sooner. That’s why it’s good to stay hydrated and keep your complexion fresh.

Give Yourself a Naptime 

It’s not just our little ones that can benefit from a nap time. Making time each day for a nap even as short as 20 minutes can leave you looking more alert.

And the more tired we look, the older we look!

Not only that, but getting in more sleep, even if it is as naps, can improve our memory and attention span too!

Stock Up on Supplements 

Sometimes we can’t get all of the vitamins and minerals that we need from the food that we consume.

Boost your intake by supplementing your diet with products from experienced heath retailers such as Holland & Barrett. Whether you need to improve the look of your skin and hair, or simply want to increase your immunity as we head towards winter, taking daily supplements is the way to go.

Nobody wants to look older than they feel, and certainly not older than they are. But if we don’t take proper care of ourselves then unfortunately this can happen. Not all of us are blessed with that naturally youthful glow, so if you need a little extra help then these six tips can get you started!

How do you stay looking young? Share your advice in the comments below!

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