4 Steps to a Healthier Coat for Your Dog

4 Steps to a Healthier Coat for Your Dog

4 Steps to a Healthier Coat for Your Dog – One of the most obvious signs of a healthy and well-loved dog is the strength and shininess of its coat. A dog’s coat should look and feel lustrous with the right care and grooming, whereas an unhealthy dog will often have brittle or dry-looking hair. Of course, maintenance of your dog’s coat will vary depending on the type of fur they have, whether it is long or short, and their breed, but there are some general tips that all dog owners should keep in mind. 

Here are 4 of the most essential steps to follow to nurture a healthier coat for your dog. 

Brush them regularly 

Whether your dog has long or short hair, you should be grooming them at least twice per week. This will remove dull and dead hair from the coat as well as get rid of dead skin. In addition, the act of brushing the coat stimulates blood circulation, which means oxygen will travel more efficiently around the body, boosting the health of hair follicles and stimulating the production of oil. All this combines to produce stronger and shinier hairs. Be sure to groom your dog with the right brushes and combs, as several options are depending on your dog’s type of fur. 

Choose the right products

It is recommended to bathe your dog every few weeks with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner that has been developed for your dog’s coat. It is important not to use human products as they can upset the dog skin’s natural pH, leading to skin irritation. Mild shampoos made from natural products (including minerals and vitamins) can help to maintain the natural oils in the skin that are important for a healthy cost. All products need to be rinsed out thoroughly as residue may cause itching and irritation. Some dogs have more sensitive skin and so may benefit from a moisturising shampoo and coat conditioner. 

However, it is not advised that you bathe your dog too often as this can also interfere with their natural oil production. It is best to wait until they smell or have visible dirt on them. 

Feed them the right diet

Just as it does with humans, health starts inside the body, and if your dog is eating a diet that is lacking in key nutrients, their coat is unlikely to look or feel its best. In fact, a poor diet is often the biggest cause of poorly conditioned coats. Therefore, the diet you feed your dog should include a variety of nutrients and minerals, including fatty acids and proteins, and lower in carbohydrates. A diet of raw dog food can help to improve the coat condition in some dogs, but it is important to seek the advice of a veterinarian before switching to new food. 

Talk to your vet and/or groomer

If you bathe and groom your dog regularly and they eat a high-quality diet, but their coat is still lacklustre, it may be time to talk to your vet or local dog groomer. They may be able to provide more tailored advice and check for any underlying conditions that might affect their coat’s health.

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