What NOT to Buy in the Sales

What NOT to Buy in the Sales

What NOT to Buy in the Sales – January sales are in full swing and now is an ideal time to pick up a bargain or two. However, it is very easy to get carried away, and what appeared to be a good buy at the time, may well languish in your wardrobe unworn. Colour me Beautiful share some tips on what to avoid:

Sequins and sparkles – it may seem like a great idea to buy next year’s Christmas outfit now, but mark our word, you’ll tire of seeing it hung in your wardrobe, and will undoubtedly find something better in 12 months’ time.

Budget fashion – let your conscience be the judge! Fast fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries.

Something that you already have in your wardrobe. How many pairs of jeans does a girl need? 

Adopt the #30Wearsrule. If you don’t think you will wear it at least 30 times, you probably shouldn’t be buying it!

This season’s high fashion! Because you can guarantee that those claret bell bottom trousers will soon feel dated. 

How to style on a budget

Are you feeling the pinch after all that Christmas spending? Here is our guide to tightening the purse strings this year.

Transition your wardrobe
Avoid categorising your wardrobe into summer/winter wear. A summer dress can be repurposed and worn in winter. Layer with thermal underwear and tights. Add a jumper and boots. 

Let it breathe
Sounds counterproductive to purge your wardrobe when we’re trying to be budget-conscious doesn’t it? Having a tidy space where you can see every item will enable you to plan stylish outfits. It will also be easier to identify any gaps, so you only buy items that you genuinely need.

Think neutrals!
Invest in neutrals and add fashion colours here and there. A base of neutrals will provide you with lots of outfit choices.

Use prints sparingly
Prints add interest to an outfit but you may tire of them easily, so buy sparingly. Think of them as accessories rather than wardrobe builders. 

Don’t impulse buy
Carry a list of items that you need in your wardrobe and refer to it regularly. You’ll be less likely to stray if you have a plan.

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