Travel Light with PMD

Travel Light with PMD

Travel Light with PMD – Women Talking review the PMD Silverpure™ Make up Removing Cloth from the award-winning beauty brand PMD Beauty.

Now the doors of travel are beginning to open you may be looking at updating your travel accessories. The PMD make-up removing cloth is lightweight comes with its own travel pouch and gives you’re the opportunity to say goodbye to wasteful cotton wool and environmentally unfriendly face wipes as well as reducing the size of your toiletry bag contents!

The cloth is a quick, easy, and sustainable way to wipe away makeup that can be used by all skin types and is an ideal travel companion.

Soft to the touch and gentle on the skin the reusable cloth itself is made up of tiny microfibers that, when wet, cling to makeup, and gently lift it from the skin. It also works to refine and improve the texture of skin by removing dead skin cells.

You do not need to use any creams or makeup removers at all, making this perfect for people with sensitive eyes and skin that find mainstream makeup removers irritating. 

Having tried the cloth numerous times, it leaves my skin feeling breathable and incredibly free, my skin feels alive, clean, and fresh and it can even remove stubborn liquid lipstick and even waterproof mascara, leaving no residue! Making the cleansing process nothing but simple.

Furthermore, the Silverpure™ Makeup Removing Cloth is infused with antibacterial silver. The silver particles keep your makeup removal cloth bacteria-free by interrupting the bacteria cell’s ability to form the chemical bonds necessary for its survival. Therefore, the cloth will not harbour or spread any bacteria, making it incredibly hygienic. 

It can be used as part of your daily cleansing routine, but it is also perfect for travel, the gym, camping or music festivals, fitting easily into your bag and drying quickly after use. Just throw it in the washing machine when needed!

Travel Light with PMD

How to use

  • Submerge the section of cloth to be used in water until soaked through. Wring out.
  • Gently rub the cloth over the desired area in circular motions. Continue this motion until makeup is fully removed.

Use day after day worry-free, because you’re saving your skin AND the planet. The Silverpure™ Makeup Removing Cloth (RRP £28) is available from PMD Beauty here.

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