The Best Apps for Running Your Business

The Best Apps for Running Your Business

The Best Apps for Running Your Business – Use the power of technology to take your business to the next level. Load up on the best applications and software you can find on the internet. You can use applications to streamline daily tasks, store data, communicate remotely and even dispense employee benefits. Production will go through the roof if you download any of these apps.

1. Asana

Asana is the best project management application on the market. It offers lots of features designed to boost productivity and tracks your employee’s work. 

To-do lists and reminders are available to make sure you hit those deadlines. You can also assign tasks to employees and track their progress. The platform can adapt to look after ongoing work or bigger projects. The Timeline view offers a chart shared amongst all the team members which allows you to move items around, set due dates and view sub-tasks.

Its features include the ability to host live chat, track time and edit documents, but it can do so much more through its many options for app integrations. Team chat with Microsoft Teams or track time with Harvest. 

2. Zest

Designed to track and award employee benefits, Zest is an app created to boost employee morale. Manage employee benefits online with a benefits management platform that can be controlled straight from your phone or laptop. Elevate your employee’s engagement with bonuses and benefits which they can see in real time. Simple visuals display personalised benefits and eligibility to your employees while you manage benefit selections with an automated provider and payroll reporting.

On top of all that, it’s secure with automated audits and two-step verifications to access employee’s information. 

3. iDrive

A filing system and online backup, iDrive offers fast and secure sharing and filing of your business’s data. Supporting sharing files by email, Facebook and Twitter, the web interface also doesn’t delete entirely off the server with a single click. The cautious among us will be happy to see their files not accidentally lost. The app works across computers and laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. with end-to-end encryption and a choice of backup methods. 

Packed with features, iDrive offers Snapshots, which lets you store up to 30 different versions of your files. Photos stored will enjoy the facial recognition feature, helping you organise them in a few clicks and also syncing them across your devices. 

The business version offers single sign-on, priority support, unlimited users, and server backup. 

4. Zoom

If your office is still dealing with the option of working from home, or even if it isn’t, you’re going to need Zoom. More and more meetings are being held over video calls. Clients, employees, consultants are all spared a lengthy journey for a 20-minute conversation and instead are opening Zoom. 

Simple enough that anyone can use it, Zoom took off when the first lockdown was announced because employees and managers didn’t need training to work it. (Of course, that didn’t stop a few viral videos hitting the internet.) 

The cloud-based phone system can be used on any device with a browser, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It can offer phone calls, messages, and video calls. 

It comes with many features, including call management and phone system administration. Use the phone rental options for conference calls, host virtual events and download apps to aid with any issue. Zoom also offers the enterprise experience with its Unified Communications as a Service and is set to acquire Contact Centre as a Service app Five9, so small businesses will appear professional. 

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