Stojo Collapsible Drinking Bottle

Stojo Collapsible Drinking Bottle

Stojo Collapsible Drinking Bottle – Meet the Stojo Bottle…

We all know the importance of hydration, and this is just as important when travelling or whilst on the move. I have an abundance of water carrying vessels at home, however, the new Stogo bottle caught my eye with its versatility and uniqueness.

This collapsible and reusable water bottle is perfect for on-the-go hydration. It is a space-saving bottle that holds a whopping 592ml of liquid when full and collapses to the size of a tennis ball when empty.

This creative vessel is designed to minimise single-use plastic bottles. Simply refill on the go and collapse when you’re done! To save even more space try attaching it to your bag strap.

Stojo Collapsible Drinking Bottle

The Stojo bottle also comes with a handy sports cap, meaning no unscrewing, simple squeeze to drink! I have used the vessel with water numerous times and enjoyed the outcome, particularly handy when popped into my bicycle basket as no risk of breaking or leaking when being bounced around during my travels!

Collapsible, Carriable and Convenient 

To collapse, simply unscrew the cap, close your Stojo like an accordion, and re-screw for a leak-proof seal. Pro-tip: Loop the cap around your bag strap or belt when you’re short on space/hands.

The Unconventional Necessity 

Toss it in your bike basket, play catch with your friend, and accidentally drop it down a flight of stairs. The Stojo bottle’s cap screws together for a watertight seal so you never have to worry about spills, leaks, or flash flooding.

Dishwasher Safe.

A reusable bottle is only as good as how easy it is to clean. To clean your Stojo bottle, remove the cap from the silicone body (you’re not breaking it, we promise) and place both on the top rack of your dishwasher, or wash by hand.

Virtually indestructible. Simply force air inside the bottle and watch it pop back into shape.

Stojo is a company on a mission to reduce the number of single-use plastics that end up in our landfills by delivering products that are reusable, indestructible and made from food-grade, safe materials without the use of glues and chemicals.

They use the world’s safest silicone: Made from food-grade silicone that is LFGB Certified, you can safely use Stojo to enjoy your favourite beverages, regardless of temperature. This foldable bottle is BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free.

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