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Click and Grow Smart Gardens

Where technology does all the work.

Click & Grow has a line of self-watering Smart Gardens designed to automate gardening. The plants are grown naturally, using biomimicry as the main source of inspiration and innovation. The technology is 100% free of GMOs and harmful substances.

Due to the sleek design and appearance your garden can be grown anywhere in your home. This can be done in the minimal amount of space with the least amount of effort, allowing you and your family to study the growth of your garden from seed to plant. The end result is to produce your own clean, fresh, vitamin-packed food with a minimal amount of effort.

The Genius of Smart Soil

Inspired by NASA technology, Smart Soil creates the perfect environment plants need to thrive. It releases nutrients in sync with the plant life cycle, keeps soil pH balanced, and employs tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee plants get ample breathing room and nutrients even when the soil is wet.

This innovative technology helps plants in the indoor gardening kits grow faster and more nutritious with no pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances.

Lighting the Way for Growth

The Smart Garden’s adjustable LED lamp furnishes plants with enhanced light spectra that spurs growth and enables you to keep your herbs, flowers and fruits growing all year round.

Specialised Sensors 

In-unit sensors designed to constantly monitor garden vitals attend to plants’ need for light, water, and nutrients.

Smart Power

Consumes a mere 6 watts and $3 of electricity per year.

We had the opportunity to try the Smart herb Garden, available in three contemporary colours. Grey, which is shown to be the most preferred by the male audience, while the white and beige are more neutral and more popular with the ladies and other family members.

The Smart Herb Garden starter kit comes with 3 complimentary basil plant capsules! Plug it in, fill the tank, and your new indoor herb garden will take care of the rest.

The Click and Grow unit comes in a clean, colourful and well-presented box. The outer packaging is full of visually pleasing images and information about the product, options for more veggies to grow after your first batch and some recommendations for what to make first with your first crop. Inside you will find some printed facts about some selected fruits and vegetables. It’s something small but I found this encouraging and really does make you want to get growing!

Your box will contain the following:
• Main Click and Grow body.
• 2x led light arm extensions.
• Led light fixture.
• Power cable.
• UK and EU power adapter.
• 3x Basil refills.
• 3x clear domes.
• 3x white light blockers U shaped.
• 3x capsules bases.
• Welcome to your smart garden introduction and instruction booklet.

The instruction booklet makes easy work of guiding you through the setup on the device. Within 6 easy steps, I’m plugged in and growing.

1. The first step is opening up the refill pack and inserting the plant refills.
2. Don’t forget to name your plants. It might sound silly but over time it is easy to forget what you put where and when your plants are young they look very similar.
3. Your clear domes help to create a mini-greenhouse over your plant, which allows humidity and moisture to be retained within the capsule. Remember seeds need to maintain the correct levels of warmth and humidity to ensure germination. For Basil, it ranges slightly but as long as you can keep it between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit and at least 60% humidity the little Basil seeds will be out and growing before you know it.
4. Fill the tank reservoir. On the top of the unit you can see the water level indicator, pour water directly over it and it will cascade down the side directly into the reservoir.
5. Plugin your smart garden. The LED Grow lights have an automatic timer; it runs on for 16 hours and then off for 8 hours as soon as it’s plugged in.
6. The Click and Grow come with 2 extra extensions so as your plants grow you can position the LED Grow lights the correct distance from your plants to avoid burning.

Basil germination can take anywhere from 2 days to 4 weeks, depending on the planting conditions. Click and Grow provides everything to make it as easy as possible as well as a full 12-month warranty. Should any defects appear, they will exchange the garden within 12 months of purchase.

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