Pure & Simple, L’abu Skincare

Pure & Simple, L’abu Skincare

Pure & Simple, L’abu Skincare – With the beauty industry evolving on a daily basis, I am always keen to try new brands on the market to see what unique selling points (USP) they have to offer.

Mother and Daughter duo Netta & Hayley have founded a salon-grade beauty brand using vegan, organic ingredients. They believe great skin is achieved by a simple but premium routine and it is their mission to make all their customers look and feel their very best in the salon and home environment.

Influenced by their Italian heritage, of looking after themselves from the inside out with pure and organic food, their family ethos, and organic passion they stand by the saying that simple is best, ‘Vita Semplice ‘and there is no better skin remedy than mother nature, herself.

Their business venture began in 2017 with a vision of creating their own private clinic to promote natural anti-ageing treatments. The following year the idea became a reality with their first clinic opening in Wolverhampton specialising in two self-regenerating methods, famously known in the industry as HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) & Micro-needling.

Whilst building a client base around the midlands, it soon became apparent that honest skincare was hard to come by. Not to be disillusioned by this minor setback Netta & Hayley decided an alternative would be to build and develop their own skincare range.

Spending two years trialling, testing and refining the range of 8 products with thousands of consumers, who evidently Loved L’abu! They began building a portfolio of honest reviews on various platforms and knew this could be the start of something great. With further developments they launched their range online, reaching a new client base with a whirlwind of new, positive reviews and a newfound love for L’abu.

With the world being hit by an unknown storm, 2020 became an extremely hard year for all businesses, particularly those working face to face with clients. With the L’ABU Ethos of always being able to give back, Netta & Hayley decided to donate over £4000 worth of skincare to frontline NHS workers. “This was so humbling to us as a family business” states Netta “We are proud to have achieved this milestone.”

Women Talking had the opportunity to touch base with Netta & Hayley as well as try a few of their products:

What are the highs and low of a family-run business?

“We love working together and as there is a difference in age gap, we feel we have the generations covered. With running operations, we bounce off one another and really get the best out of our business relationship, obviously, we have our opinions and at times we have to take a step back and learn to listen to each other.”

What skincare product could you not be without? 

“Honestly, the whole range is fantastic, but if I was to have to choose one product, it would have to start with the Oat Milk Cleanser.

The reason being, if you do not cleanse your skin correctly, your every day, dirt, grime and dead cells would build up and cause havoc on the skin. 

This cleanser is unique and has many ingredients, it contains oils that brighten, tone and improve texture, Tocopherol which is a pure form of vitamin E and a natural antioxidant that moisturises and hydrates. Basically sometimes, if I do not have time in the morning, I just cleanse my face and wipe off, which carries me through the day.”

What tips can you share for keeping your skin looking healthy?

“Apart from the obvious of eating well, drinking lots of water, we would always advocate a consistent routine, even on days where you are rushed or too tired, make sure you cleanse your skin and let it breathe.  

Try and use a mask and scrub once/twice per week if possible, this helps to draw out any impurities and allows other products to do their job. Keep it simple, uncomplicated and choose a salon-grade brand that will give you the assurance of premium quality ingredients. Those fabulous results you get when you go for a facial, ohh and the best thing is, you can have this every day with L’abu Skin!”

We tried three products in the L’ABU range:

Hydra Face Lotion – I must say, the invigorating cucumber and melon fragrance of this product, really appealed to me. Fresh and lightweight this is a hybrid lotion, that sinks into the skin effortlessly. It is a mix between a serum and moisturiser where the ingredients infuse together. It contains Camellia Sinensis extract that helps to even out the skin tone, whilst Rosehip Oil promotes cell regeneration.

Pore Refining Scrub – This is suitable for all skin types.  The scrub has a creamy base and finely milled pumice, which gently removes dead cells and daily grime to reveal fresh, glowing skin. Combined with complex oils, it helps to retain moisture, leaving the skin hydrated and soft.

Retinol Complex Oil – Retinol produces ingredients that help treat wrinkles, encourage the growth of new cells, and promote an even skin tone. This product is again light and non-greasy when applied to the skin, the complex mix of oils absorbs into the layers of the skin instantly moisturising and hydrating. 

For more information visit the L’abu website here

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