PartyLite Perfume for your Home

PartyLite Perfume for your Home

PartyLite Perfume for your Home – Many of the Women Talking readers may already be aware that I am particularly partial to candles. To light up your dinner table or just for relaxing as a nation we all love candles. They are magical accessories that can instantly transform people’s lives through the power of fragrance.

The beauty of a burning, flickering flame creates an enjoyable atmosphere and adds a sense of warmth, exuding soothing and healing properties. The delicate aroma soothes the senses, and the presence of candles instantly changes the ambience of any indoor or outdoor setting by adding light to any space without the harshness of a bright electric bulb, helping to ease and console the mind.

Whilst used in many religious and cultural celebrations, candles also offer their own unique symbolism. For example, the warmth of a candle offers a sense of support and love while the light of a candle creates a feeling of optimism.

Although candles may no longer provide man’s major source of light, they now continue to grow in popularity and use.

Looking for a delicate fragrance to fill my workspace I recently tried the White Rose 3-Wick Jar Candle from PartyLite. A musky rose and lemony beeswax candle, the perfume was combined with dewy greens and a hint of clove and was delightful.

The candle is presented in an attractive glass jar with a metal lid, it has a food-safe paraffin and soy wax blend and a burning time of 24-45 hours.

PartyLite, founded more than 40 years ago, is a global home decor and fragrance brand. As a designer and manufacturer, PartyLite offers an extensive portfolio of premium candles, flameless products, and home decor accessories and has a beautiful range to inspire you.

They have a wide variety of scented candles available for purchase in several fragrance types: everything from fruity to baked goods; from herbal and earthy to airy and clean, from woody and masculine to floral and feminine, from food and drink to seasonal and festive.

Their candles are cruelty-free and non-toxic thanks to their BePure Commitment and No-No list.

PartyLite is dedicated to using only natural, ethically sourced ingredients that are better for the planet and ultimately better for us.

To make the most of your candles we have some basic caring for your candle tips from PartyLite:

Before Lighting a Candle
Position candles at least 5 cm apart if burning more than one at the same time.

Place candles on a flat and level surface.

Avoid drafts or extreme differences in room temperature.

Trim the Wick!
Trim wicks to about 0.5 cm each time before lighting, to avoid them bending to the side (except for tealights and votives).

If a ‘wick blossom’ develops on the wick, extinguish the candle, remove the ‘blossom’ and then relight the candle.

How to Burn Your Wax Right
For all candles, it is important to position the wick so that it points towards the centre.

If the wick is too short and is in danger of ‘drowning’, extinguish the candle and use a tissue to remove some of the wax surrounding the wick.

The Right Residue
With tealights and votives, a wax residue may sometimes remain in the cup or holder.

To remove any traces of soot from a jar candle extinguish the candle. Allow the candle to cool completely and the wax to solidify. Then use a soft dry cloth to wipe away the soot.

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