Keeping Your House COOL in a HEATWAVE!

Keeping Your House COOL in a HEATWAVE!

Keeping Your House COOL in a HEATWAVE! – Although the warm weather is much appreciated, you may be struggling to keep yourself cool in the upsurge of heat we have here in the UK. Not only challenging at night but keeping cool during the daytime can be troublesome too.

Fortunately, we have some top tips on how to keep your house cool in a heatwave from the UK’s Number One home and cleaning expert, Lynsey Crombie AKA Queen of Clean

1 – Step away from the stove and switch those heavy winter meals for summery salads and BBQs

2 – Avoid hot showers and baths as the steam will linger and make your home feel hotter.

3 – Ditch your thick duvet and go for a lower tog or just use a cotton sheet.

4 – If you have a hot water bottle, switch it around for the summer months and fill it with cold water and then pop it in the freezer half an hour before bed.

5 – Do not charge your phone or any devices by your bed as this radiates heat.

6 – Close blinds and curtains from early afternoon upstairs to keep your bedrooms cooler.

7 – Leave your loft hatch slightly open, heat rises, and it will have another means of escape.

8 – Open windows that aren’t in direct sunlight.

9 – Strategical place fans so they face the window this way they push the hot air out

10 – Turn off lights, as they did give off a little heat and just use natural light

11 – Keep house plants in your windows as plants absorb some of the sun’s energy which could heat up your home.

12 – Pop your bed sheets in the freezer an hour before bed to keep you nice and cool

13 – cover windows in tin foil to reflect the heat, use this if you have no curtains or blinds.

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