Introducing Wild Eve Recipe, no 1

Introducing Wild Eve Recipe, no 1

Introducing Wild Eve Recipe, no 1 – A recent discovery of a new drink led me to an exceptional, healthy non-alcoholic, organic botanical infusion called Wild Eve.

Award-winning Apothecary and Herbalist, Amanda Saurin, has launched an organic botanical infusion drinkWild Eve Recipe no 1.

This innovative, small-batch non-alcoholic drink is handcrafted from an exclusive selection of organic flowers, fruits, leaves, and seaweeds, hand foraged on the Isle of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The carefully blended botanicals assist to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and invite calm through the innate properties of the plants.

Incomparable to anything else on the market, Wild Eve is as rich and intense as a good alcoholic drink. It has heat, length, and real complexity with that moreish desire to keep on sipping. With the most extraordinary set of plants at the team’s disposal from the mountain, machair meadow and sea, Amanda has used her learning from years of thinking, testing, and coming to understand the best ways of extracting flavour, to craft her ‘magic in a bottle.’ It draws on decades of acquiring plant knowledge, understanding plant medicine and a theory that plants, like essential oils for perfumery, can be categorised into the top, middle and base notes to construct something exciting.

Everything you taste in Wild Eve is a pure plant, which is important not only because it means it is low in sugar, but plants offer the vitality and complexity that commercial extracts cannot.

 “We began with perfume; it may seem unusual but as a natural perfumer, I realised that drinks can be elevated to a whole different level by using perfume theory; introducing top notes for an initial burst of scent and flavour, giving way to the heart of the drink – the rich, floral and spice notes that give it complexity, finishing with the base notes, the long, deep, lingering taste that remains after the last sip is drunk. It works so perfectly allowing for highly unusual but complementary plant combinations. It was important to me to make a drink that had all the taste properties of alcohol, that made you feel chilled out like alcohol, that made you want to keep on sipping, but which had no alcohol in any part of the process, and which didn’t pretend to be an alcoholic substitute. It would stand alone as something you choose to drink because it would taste fantastic irrespective of its non-alcoholic status.” – Amanda Saurin, founder and Apothcarist.

Having tasted the drink, it has a unique flavour, that is delicious served alone, with ice, with mixers or included in a cocktail, as an additional benefit, the organic infusion has a multitude of health properties.

Introducing Wild Eve Recipe, no 1

Wild Eve Tasting notes

 The Nose: These are pleasing but fleeting – Grapefruit is at the forefront giving an instant brightness as Wild Eve is cultivated with only the peel which contains the precious oil and all its key benefits.

The Palate: Then come the middle notes, the heart of the drink – these are the warm, comforting, tastes. The florals of honeysuckle rose, and chamomile gives way to the fruity sloe, then arrives the spicy juniper and the warming oat.

The Base Notes: Finally, the enduring scents and flavours that give the length – the heat of the chipotle, the earthiness of gentian, ashwagandha and bogbean and that little umami pop of the sea that Sugar Kelp always offers.

Botanical Properties

 Rose – is calming, anti-depressant and anxiolytic, inducing feelings of positive wellbeing. Sloes – nervine calms the mind and increases vitality.

Ashwagandha – supports the adrenals to reduce stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol levels, stabilising blood sugar levels, increasing energy, immune-boosting, and anti-inflammatory Grapefruit peel – contains essential oil commonly used by clinical aromatherapists to promote calm and invite feelings of positive wellbeing.

Juniper – is used herbily to soothe digestion, reduce nerves and as a diuretic (the Wild Eve process extracts small amounts of oil from the berries)

Oat tops – are an especially important nerve tonic which has been used for generations to soothe anxiety, aid sleep, and treats nervous exhaustion – particularly beneficial during menopause.

Honeysuckle – is hearty and aids nervous asthma.

Bogbean – stimulates digestion and herbily aids rheumatism.

Additionally, Bogbean is perfect to balance the drink with its incredibly bitter aroma.

Chamomile – reduces anxiety and promotes sleep.

Gentian – supports liver functioning.

Chipotle – aids digestion and is anti-inflammatory.

Sugar Kelp – is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Recommended Serve

The recommended serve of Wild Eve is 25ml (20.75 kCal) neat on the rocks (…quite literally on the rocks). Wild Eve recommends using locally carved Harris Gneiss Rocks in replace of ice cubes to ensure the drink is ice cold without diluting the content.

For those who like to mix it up, a splash of Fever-Tree full-fat tonic is best, and a sprig of Harris Apple Mint and Pineapple weed to elevate the taste. Equally, for those adverse to quinine Wild Eve can be enjoyed with soda water or fresh lemonade for a refreshing summer burst.

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