Hidden Gems to Visit in Berlin

Hidden Gems to Visit in Berlin

Hidden Gems to Visit in Berlin – There are few cities in Europe finer than Berlin. This is somewhere that has something for everyone whether you are into history, art, music, food, drinking, or all of the above and more! It can also be overwhelming with so much to see and do, especially for first-timers, so here are a few hidden gems to check out for the best possible experience in the German capital.


If you are seeking an authentic German beer drinking experience, then Eschenbrau should be at the top of your list. Nestled in a quiet part of Mitte, this is the place that the locals drink as a small brewery with many fantastic German beers with unusual names to choose from. It is also a Flammkuchen restaurant, which is a kind of German pizza that is not to be missed and the perfect partner to a cold German beer.

Bernauer Strasse

Checkpoint Charlie is the place that the history tourists flock to in Berlin as the most famous crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War, but the memorial at Bernauer Strasse is just as if not more interesting. You can walk along the Berlin Wall History Mile which will allow you to see preserved pieces of the wall and listen to recordings from former residents. For those interested, the Berlin Wall Documentation Center is also highly worth a visit.

Asis Panorama

Another fantastic experience to check out is Asis Panorama, which takes you back to Berlin in the 80s, a time when the city was still divided and under the shadow of the wall. This incredible exhibition shows a day in life in 80s Berlin before the fall of the wall.

Kreuzberg Viktoriapark

Berlin is a very beautiful city and one that can be enjoyed on foot (it is largely flat). One of the best ways to do this is with a trip to the stunning Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg, which is the highest elevation in the city that allows for lovely views with grassy areas for relaxing with a picnic (staying for sunset is well worth it!).

These are a few of the best-hidden gems to discover in Berlin that will give you an authentic experience. Berlin has something for everyone, but it is also a city that can be overwhelming with so many choices. Make sure that your itinerary includes the above to get a real feel for the city and to avoid the major tourist attractions.

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