Craft Supplies from Eco-Craft

Craft Supplies from Eco-Craft

Craft Supplies from Eco-Craft  – I first came across Eco-Craft when I was building my quilled card business a couple of years ago. I searched high and low for a company that used recycled materials and offer products at a fair price.

When I found the Eco-Craft website, I initially thought how much I liked and appreciated their webpage – if you are anything like me and you immediately click off a website that is confusing and not aesthetically pleasing then you will approve of theirs, so this was a perfect start. I was also thrilled with their vast range of cards, paper, packaging etc.

Eco-Craft Ltd is a family-run business in Lancashire, which currently have the fourth generation in the family associated with the paper industry. In fact, the mill where their Great Grandfather worked was the first in the UK to produce kraft paper (Cooke and Nuttall Horwich). Originally called The Cutting Edge, Eco-craft was founded by Lorraine and Kevin McCarthy 31 years ago in 1991.

With 8 years of experience in designing and manufacturing their own greeting cards and gifts, Lorraine and Kevin decided that they wanted to use recycled paper and card for their ranges. They found that a lot of craftspeople were asking to produce blanks, so at a very early stage, they made sure to provide an off-the-shelf range of recycled card blanks available by Mail-order.

Eco-Craft’s concern for the environment has made it possible to offer products that aim to keep their ecological and ethical impact on the planet in mind from production to disposal. They believe that choosing recycled products is a positive step toward helping to conserve the Earth’s natural resources and reduce the amount of waste which would otherwise end up in a landfill. They source raw materials and finished products from like-minded reputable green suppliers. Most of the paper and card Eco-Craft supply is 100% recycled and the majority contain a large proportion of post-consumer waste i.e., old brochures and printouts.

Craft Supplies from Eco-Craft

They also reuse their packaging from their suppliers (some of my orders have arrived in misprinted crisp boxes which I thought was great!). They buy once-used cartons and all the office paper is recycled too. Green technology is also something that Eco-Craft pride themselves on. They also try to ensure that their carbon footprint is as low as possible by sourcing most of their products from UK suppliers who source their raw materials from the UK or EU. No materials are imported from outside the EU, and they avoid having materials shipped by air. Many of their deliveries are handled through a carbon-neutral supplier (DPD Local) and they also purchase all their energy from 100% renewable, non-nuclear energy suppliers (Good Energy). Also as a family where possible solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and heat recovery systems are used.

Another small detail that I love about this company is that on the packing sheet they provide with every order they have cute, illustrated stickers of the people and their names who picked and packed the order. It adds a real personal touch and it’s always fun to see who I get each time!

Eco-Craft has a wide range of materials on their website. From jewellery packaging and stands to food-grade bags and labels. Eco-Craft supplies something for every business owner or crafty person who strives to be a little more environmentally friendly.

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