Ayumi Skincare

Ayumi Skincare

Millennium Milli pampers herself with Ayumi Naturals the beauty range that combines ancient holistic benefits with quality.

For someone who is of Asian ethnicity and has an interest in holistic living, I was very excited to be able to try and test the Ayumi skincare range. 

“Only serve what you would consume” is a key moto within this family-owned company, one that they have followed and stuck by from the very beginning of their journey from Kenya to the UK in 1974. 

What is it?

As a brand, Ayumi believes the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda fits seamlessly into a modern 21st-century lifestyle. But unlike so many things in the modern world, Ayurveda doesn’t believe just in the quick fix. Naturally formulated using Ayurvedic herbs, flowers, and fruits, combined with multi-vitamins and clinically proven actives, Ayumi helps to maintain skin’s natural balance by infusing it with omega-rich bio-oils, free radical-fighting antioxidants, and vitality-boosting essential fatty acids.

Presentation – The Ayumi products have been packaged in a very environmentally friendly way as well as being very practical. Each category of skin type or hair type etc has been colour coded which makes it really simple and easy to remember what skin type you are. Their website also provides helpful guidance if you are not sure what category you would be in or would like more knowledge.

Benefits – Sustainability – I love the fact that their packaging is recyclable. The bottles are made out of post-consumer recycled plastic and all of their cartons are Forest Sustainability Certified. “Recycling is like Karma, what goes around comes around”. 

Kind to your skin– All Ayumi products are free from Genetically Modified Ingredients as well as everything being paraben and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) free.

Vegan – the Vegetarian Society certifies All of Ayumi’s products as ‘vegan’. As a holistic brand, they do not test on animals, which has been approved by PETA & Cruelty-Free. 

Who can use it? 

Ayumi offers suitable products for any skin type and any hair type. Their skin range will deeply moisturise, absorb any oils, smoothens blemishes and unclogs pores for every skin type. The Ayumi hair range will leave any hair type with glossy, healthy, lustrous hair with their specially formulated shampoos, conditioners, and powders. Using natural extracts, they give a moisturising boost to dry hair and help balance oily scalps. 

I had the chance to review the Tumeric & Bergamot face cream RRP £6.99and facemask  RRP £6.99  for clear, radiant, blemish-free skin, with focus on hyperpigmentation and blemishes. These products are enriched with bioactive Turmeric extract to enhance your complexion and essential oils to refresh the skin. 

They have a fresh scent, making them appealing to use. The face cream was lightweight and absorbed quickly into my skin. Enriched with brightening turmeric extract and anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic herbs the day cream did exactly what I hoped which was to keep my skin hydrated all day long. 

The mask’s advanced formula is designed to feed your skin and help revive skin’s radiance and balance skin tone. It contains Kaolin clay to draw out impurities, and Papaya and Argan Oil to enhance the complexion and improve skin’s texture. This left my skin feeling bright, fresh, nourished, supple and energised.

My star rating: ★★★★★

“Belief in the value of nature means valuing plants as nature intended” – Ayumi philosophy

Millennium Milli

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