Going Beyond the Leaf with Ahmad Tea

Going Beyond the Leaf with Ahmad Tea

Going Beyond the Leaf with Ahmad Tea – Tea is the most highly consumed beverage in the world after water and plays a big role in a healthy diet too. With the vast selection of beautiful teas and infusions available on the market it is understandable why many of us reach for our trusty cuppa throughout the day.

Although tea may be prepared and consumed quite differently in different places the global appeal is paramount in every continent.

While some brews may provide more health advantages than others, there’s plenty of evidence that regularly drinking tea can have a lasting impact on your wellness and may provide us with a host of benefits.

  • Most tea contains polyphenol catechins, which is a powerful antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of many diseases.
  • The moderate amount of caffeine in most teas can also give you an early-morning or mid-afternoon boost and help with concentration.
  • Numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease. 
  • Tea contains an amino acid called theanine. … And when you combine theanine with caffeine, it helps to boost your brain activity as well as your mood giving us this sense of relaxation and wellbeing that only the wonders of tea can provide.

Women Talking has recently been introduced to the World’s most extraordinary teas from Ahmad Tea.

Celebrating its 35-year anniversary this year, Ahmad Tea is the world’s largest family-owned independent tea company on a mission to inspire tea drinkers around the world with its passion for tea, its dedication to artistry, and its fundamental commitment to producing tea for the greater good.

Never compromising on their beliefs and always being guided by their shared goals they draw upon 4 generations of experience to seek out the world’s finest tea gardens viewing their tea growers as a natural extension of the Ahmad Tea family. Their team of tea tasters sample each infusion seven times from garden to cup, delivering over 30 million cups of tea a day to tea lovers around the world. 

Responsible Sourcing is also key. As a proud member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (a global movement to promote ethical business activity in the tea trade), Ahmad Tea is working to improve the incomes and wellbeing of tea farmers, establish better living conditions and nutrition for workers and farmers, and create opportunities for women and young people in tea communities.

New for Christmas 2021 is an exciting new collaboration between two iconic British brands. Beyond The Leaf: a new luxury tea gift collection from Ahmad Tea and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 

The stunning new luxury tea collection sees the prestigious English heritage brand come together with some of the world’s most beautifully blended teas to create a gift collection that is refined, elegant, and quintessentially British.

Going Beyond the Leaf with Ahmad Tea

Dominic Marriott, Master Tea Taster at Ahmad Tea says: 

“As a leading authority in the natural world, Kew is the perfect partner for our new Beyond the Leaf collection.

“To produce the finest tea takes time, patience, and dedication. From hand plucking the best leaves and buds from the world’s most prestigious tea gardens to tasting the tea at every stage in its long and intricate journey, every blend in our new collection is nurtured to ensure the highest quality and the most exquisite taste. 

“At Ahmad Tea, we are lucky enough to have some of the world’s best Tea Tasters on our team who sample up to 500 cups each day to ensure the blends are perfectly balanced and the taste is consistent. Beyond the Leaf is testament to this; from the rich and malty Majestic Breakfast to the refreshing and lively Splendid Ceylon, Great British classics are elevated to a new level.”

Featuring four classic blends – Majestic Breakfast, Splendid, Ceylon, Garden Afternoon and Elegant Earl Grey – the collection is the perfect balance of quality and elegance, for a smooth, delicious brew at any time of the day.

Majestic Breakfast – A jewel in the British tea crown, this rich and malty blend balances Kenyan and Ceylon teas with second flush Assam leaves for a bold, full-bodied brew. Best served with a splash of milk.

Splendid Ceylon – Teas from high elevations give the brew its bright colour and deep flavour, whilst the medium grown teas add a citrussy freshness for a refreshing and lively finish. Serve with a slice of lemon for a classic Ceylon experience.

Garden Afternoon – An elegant and uplifting blend, this delectable brew is the perfect partner for afternoon tea. A blend of Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon teas, with a hint of bergamot, provides an uplifting floral finish.

Elegant Earl Grey – Soothing and exotic, this refined Earl Grey balances teas from Ceylon and India. A touch of bergamot adds an exotic fragrance to lift the tea’s citrussy notes. Served with lemon or a splash of milk, this soothing brew is perfect at any time of the day. 

For the perfect brewing technique visit the Ahmad Tea brewing tips online here

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