Women's TOG24 Spring/ Summer 2022 Activewear

Women’s TOG24 Spring/ Summer 2022 Activewear

Women’s TOG24 Spring/ Summer 2022 Activewear – For a harmonious lifestyle my fitness routine must work in unison with my work and social style of living. This could be taking advantage of a slack afternoon with a brisk walk around the block, planning a special zoom workout session around my business hours or a spontaneous swim in the local pool after work.

Whatever physical activities I incorporate into my week, my comfort is of high importance. Workout clothes are essential for exercise. Whether it’s walking, running, weightlifting, or cycling, workout clothes and activewear are important factors of any exercise routine.

The activewear market is one the largest in the world!  Not only do we purchase this attire for working out, but they are also high demand fashion items too. and I completely understand why. Not only giving comfort and style but they are generally an excellent fit too!

I used to wear regular clothing for workouts, however, once I started looking into buying some workout clothes that wicked away my sweat and provided better support during my workout, I realised the error of my ways. Just as you might wear business clothes for work, putting on your workout clothes sets you up for success in the gym, motivating and boosting your confidence.

TOG24’s Spring/Summer women’s activewear collection combines function with style. They offer high-quality clothing, designed to withstand the elements and ideal for in or outdoors. The Yorkshire family-run brand has designed leggings with deep waistbands, water repellent jackets and quick-drying t-shirts, all at an affordable price.

This supportive and comfortable sportswear is ideal for a chilled Sunday morning walk, a hike up one of the Yorkshire peaks or a workout in the gym and having tried them I totally approve.

Women's TOG24 Spring/ Summer 2022 Activewear

Aycliffe, Women’s Tech t-shirt in purple – £35.00 – This dark purple breathable, super soft fabric t-shirt, as well as being stretchable and lightweight, is extremely quick-drying, giving you the freedom to work out as much as you please without feeling self-conscious.

 Westlington, Dark Grey Marl Women’s Jacket – £60.00 – This cool, modern lightweight jacket looks exceptionally stylish as well as having a water repellent coating which is essential for Spring showers. There are many remarkable features to this super soft jacket, where you can adjust the toggle at the hood and hem, tailoring to your needs. The dark grey marl coloured jacket also features reflective strips at the cuffs, ideal for the safety of keen runners even through the night.

Women's TOG24 Spring/ Summer 2022 Activewear

Bedburn Women’s Tech Vest, dark purple or grey – £30.00 -This performance activewear vest top is fully breathable and lightweight, giving you the power to sweat as much as you want whilst keeping you warm or cool during activities The current trend colour matches the previous items, giving people more choice when it comes to choosing between the t-shirt and the vest (or both).

Bostock Women’s Tech Top – £25.00 – A fun, fashionable tech crop top that is ideal for working out and keeping cool when the summer weather arrives. It has that stretchy feel, a 4-way stretch to be exact, so you don’t feel constricted when exercising or simply just relaxing.

Kellah Women’s Tech Hoodie, dark purple or black – £45.00 – the Kellah women’s tech hoodie is ideal for layering up on a spring season walk.

Ellyre Women’s Leggings – £45.00 – These dark purple Ellyre leggings are stretchy and fully breathable, allowing you to perform the standing tree yoga pose numerous times. An excellent feature: it has a deep waistband which provides additional comfort and support. There is also a zip pocket at the back for your key and cash and a large, but discreet, pocket on the thigh seam to store your mobile phone.

Whether it’s your favourite trainers, leggings or sports bra, workout clothes do have a purpose. It could wick away sweat or provide you with additional support. But I feel the most important aspect is motivating you through your workouts.

Achieving your fitness goals can be a lifestyle change and keeping up with those can sometimes be challenging. Creating habits, such as exercising daily, can be difficult. It is easy to lose some motivation and willingness along the way. However, the simple act of putting on your workout clothes and activewear may motivate you through those tough low-energy days!

Poppy Watt

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