Women Who Play Casino Games

Women Who Play Casino Games

Gambling activities can seem to be dominated by the male population. In years gone by, there were even laws to ban women from gambling. Nowadays this is not the case and women have unique skills to play casino games.

Research suggests that Men and Women have different preferences as far as playing casino games are concerned.

Leading UK based casino, Vegas Mobile Casino researched deeper into this topic and came up with the following interesting facts:

Studies show that this specific game preference happens due to a difference in psychologies of the two genders. Males seek games, which require skill and are full of excitement and thrills like poker, roulette, and blackjack. Females, on the other hand, look for social interactions and finding people with similar interests. Therefore, they go for slot machines, bingo, lottery, etc.  The kind of game played largely depends on the psychology of the person. Men feel more comfortable taking risks while women resist the temptations and play sensibly.  

In today’s world, women are also playing blackjack and poker in good numbers. They have several advantages over men as follows:

1. The major weapon that women have is patience; which is essential to win this game.

2. It is required to multi-task in such games and women are known to be good at multi-tasking.

3. The player should be able to hide his/her emotions well and women are also good at that.

4. To some extent, they sense better when a person is bluffing and when it is time to quit.

5. Also, due to popular belief, casinos pay more attention to men who are making big, which can be advantageous to women.

There are a number of female professionals who have been breaking stereotypes in the world of gambling. For instance, Vanessa Selbst is one of the youngest female poker players who has won three World Series of Poker Bracelets, each for a different poker game. She is also a Yale graduate in political science. Most importantly, she is the only player amongst all men and women players, to win the North American Poker Tour event two times in a row!

Annette Obrestad is also a very young player who rules the world of online gaming. She also won a bracelet in 2007. Cathy Hulbert is a well known European Blackjack player. She came second in a European poker tournament. Many other names such as Annie Duke, Jennifer Harman, Vanessa Russo, etc. prove that women can play all casino games equally well, if not better than men.

Women, nowadays, do not shy away from taking risks and betting huge amounts. Owing to the increased participation of women, online casinos, in particular, have developed their marketing strategies to attract women players. If not collectively, there are certainly many individual female players who play an excellent game and are better than their male counterparts.

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