Women in Gaming: Rapid Rise of Female Gamers in the Industry

Women in Gaming: Rapid Rise of Female Gamers in the Industry

It is a fact that the participation rate of women in online gaming is going up year after year. Per recent research, almost 52% of the online gamblers in 2017 were actually women. Interestingly, the increasing number of female gamblers are making the industry more inclusive. When it comes to the U.K., another study showed that almost 68% of the women in the country participated in various gambling activities in the year 2012.  When the women participants on gambling are on the rise, it also reveals some interesting facts about their gaming preferences, specifics about their gaming competencies, skills, and more. Let’s discuss some basic characteristics of the growing female gamers.

Games for Women

Women tend to spend more compared to men when it comes to games. Due to that reason, the betting houses specifically target women based on their preferences. It is already identified that female gamers are more inclined to online bingo, sports betting, and online slots. The expansion of the internet and gaming applications introduced by the betting firms prompted more female players participating in different games. Additionally, the gaming platforms are modifying themselves to become female-friendly gaming sites in an attempt to bring more women to the platforms. They also design women-centric themes and games featuring female celebrities like Paris Hilton to bring more female participation in the online gaming platforms.

Less Strategic in Gaming

Studies showed that women are found to be less strategically approaching various games. While 21% of the men gamers are active in gambling, only 14% of the women are found to be active in it. Interestingly, female gamers largely bet on luck compared to male counterparts. Due to that reason, women found to be choosing bingo games and online slots – need fewer skills and strategies compared to poker, table games, and more. It means that women like to go with the flow of the game compared to the nature of men who wish to control it.

Women-centric Initiatives

Another significant development in the industry is women-centric initiatives in the gaming world. Casinos and gaming industry players took initiatives to help women to learn gaming and strategies, to win bigger takeaways. For instance, Global Gaming Women is an initiative that works on ensuring the development and success of female gamblers in the machines. It provides mentorship, education, and network opportunities for every woman who wish to make success on both offline and online casino platforms. The platform offers numerous education and training programs on a frequent basis and updates its members the latest news and technology innovation in the industry. Altogether, initiatives like Global Gaming Women add more serious women gamers into the gaming industry.

Significant Achievements

Interestingly, there are some significant success stories on the boards by women gamers. The story of Vanessa Selbst, a New York-based poker player, is truly inspirational for all the aspiring women gamers. She earned more than $11.6 million in her career span and known as the biggest female earner in poker. The success of Kathy Liebert is another inspiring story for the women gaming world. The Tennessee-based poker player has earned more than $5.5 million by strategically approaching the game. Vanessa Rousso is another professional poker player whose earnings gone beyond $3 million by winning multiple tournaments. Interestingly, the New York-based player began practising poker at the age of five and started participating tournaments during her college days.


The diversification efforts of gambling houses and the entry of online gaming have helped more women participants queuing for gaming. One of the biggest threats to the industry is women players who are less serious about gaming. Initiatives like Global Gaming Women is expected to change the picture of the industry in the coming years.

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