Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Established in 1981, Neal’s Yard Remedies is a modern apothecary, creating award-winning natural and organic health and beauty. You may recognise their tree logo, which symbolises their belief that outer beauty and inner health should be in perfect balance.

I have known of the brand for many years and dipped my toe occasionally trying new lines with great results when they have been launched. However, on a recent whim, I decided to try their tried and tested hero product The Wild Rose Beauty Balm as I am now also a registered consultant for the brand. 

This multi-purpose beauty balm with all its benefits would seem to be the Neil’s Yard Remedies ‘wonder pot’

The Wild Rose Beauty Balm is made with 99% organic ingredients, which makes it kinder to the planet as it has no:

•          Harmful pesticides

•          GM ingredients

•          Controversial chemicals

•          Parabens and phthalates

•          Synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances

Enriched with antioxidants, organic wild rosehip oil and a balancing blend of organic geranium and patchouli essential oils, the Wild Rose Beauty Balm nourishes the skin and enhances your skin’s radiance, for a natural glow.

Rich in provitamin A (a source of beta-Carotene) and vitamin E, rosehip seed oil is highly beneficial to the skin.

From an intense moisture boost to a nurturing lip balm, there are many ways to use Wild Rose beauty balm. Here are a few of my favourites:

Exfoliating Cleanser

• Apply the balm to freshly cleansed, dry face.

• Immerse the enclosed Organic Muslin Face Cloth in hand-hot water and wring out.

• Hold the cloth close to your face to feel the heat and inhale the aromatic scent, for 30 seconds.

• Using your fingertips, massage into skin in small circular motions, from your jaw to your cheekbone, then out towards your ears and forehead.

• Dampen the muslin cloth again in hand-hot water and wipe the balm off using small circular motions.

Intensive Nourishing treatment

• Massage the balm into freshly cleansed, dry skin at bedtime.

• Lightly tap the skin with fingertips to help boost circulation for a more radiant complexion.

• Leave on for 30 minutes, then remove with a hand-hot damp muslin cloth, using small circular motions. Alternatively, leave on overnight for an extra nourishing boost.

Finishing Touches

• Eyebrow tamer – sweep a small amount over brows, with an upward motion to tame and shape. 

• Lip sheen – apply to lips and press lips together to finish.

Presented beautifully in the traditional blue glass jar, this product makes a fabulous addition to any bathroom shelf.

Neil’s Yard Remedies are fond of their iconic blue bottles and jars. The blue pigment reduces the light reaching the product, helping to protect the delicate aromas and herbal properties, allowing them to make skincare with few if any, preservatives. 

Regularly upcycling the Yorkshire-made glass bottles for store displays I was thrilled to see one stunning example is a blue bottle chandelier in their store in Westfield, London.

We too should take inspiration from their ethical standards and get creative in our own ways, alternatively recycle.

For more information regarding Neil’s Yard Remedies, to purchase this item or become a consultant, visit here.

Poppy Watt

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