Why There is No Shame in Getting Help

Why There is No Shame in Getting Help – Many women across the US have some kind of mental health issue. While they are likely to seek help, some women feel like a therapist or a counsellor just doesn’t cut it, and they may try to avoid going to one. Here are a few reasons why that isn’t the best move. 

Therapy is Important 

Before we begin, let’s talk about the importance of therapy. Many people do not get the help they need, and this can lead to all sorts of personal problems. Luckily, there is hope, and that hope comes from sites such as Regain.us. Regain can help you live a better life, and they do so by giving you the ability to get the help you need on the go. With so many women in the workforce, it’s important to get the help you need when you have a hectic schedule. 

Because Others Won’t Listen 

One reason why many seek help is that mental health is still frowned upon. Oh, don’t get us wrong. We have made some good advancements toward mental health awareness in the US, but for many women, it’s not quite enough. They often are told to get over their depression, or that they are being overdramatic when they say that they are anxious. It’s hard to get someone to listen to your mental problems. Even your friends, who help, aren’t your paid counselors. But a professional can. 

Because A Therapist Can Teach You Coping Strategies 

There are many ways a therapist can teach you how to cope with your daily life. Some are personalized for you. Everyone has their own way to calm down or to handle the problems life throws at them. Some may practice mindfulness techniques or have other coping strategies handy. You may have to talk to a therapist to learn which coping strategy is the best for you. 

It Doesn’t Have to be a Financial Burden 

Some people think that therapy is expensive, which is why they don’t go. You have bills and other expenses to look out for, why spend thousands on therapy? Luckily, it doesn’t have to be thousands. It doesn’t even have to be hundreds. Therapists have their own payment plans that may be based on a sliding scale according to your income. Some therapists work pro bono, which means they will take on you as a client for little to no cost. There are public places that offer cheap healthcare, too. Look at the options you have available and see what you can do. 

There is No Shame in Fixing a Relationship 

There are some people who you should end ties with because they are toxic. However, some people’s relationships just drift apart or suffer from miscommunication. If you want to fix your relationship with your family, there are many ways to do so. Anyway, a therapist can help your relationship with your parent, child, or any other problem you may have. 

Because You Have Only One Life 

If you are mentally suffering, there is no shame in wanting to improve the quality of your own life. For all we know, this is our only shot at life, so why spend it on depression or anxiety? Getting the help you need can help you improve and grow. It’s well worth trying, and we highly recommend you give it a go if you haven’t done so already. Therapy can help your life immensely, but you must go to it without any shame whatsoever. 

Poppy Watt

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