Why the Games Industry in 2020 Will Succeed

Why the Games Industry in 2020 Will Succeed

Why the Games Industry in 2020 Will Succeed – To say that 2020 has started off shakily would be a vast understatement, though things will soon return to normal and industries will continue to thrive. 

One industry that has been on top for many decades now is the gaming industry, and things look set to continue that way for the foreseeable future.

Ever since the days of Pong, Frogger, Space Invaders, Pac Man and so on, we have been hooked on video games. With games consoles now more advanced than ever before and with more games to play than ever before, it would be safe to say that the games industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But why is 2020 looking set to be the year of the video game? Well, that’s what we’re going to try to find out right now. 

Here are several reasons why the games industry in 2020 will do better than ever. 

People are spending more time indoors

Okay, whilst we know that things will inevitably return to normal sooner rather than later, the fact of the matter is that right now people are spending more time indoors. 

To help pass the time and to keep themselves entertained, they’re either purchasing new video games or playing older ones again and are falling in love with gaming all over again. 

Video games right now are playing a huge part in helping to keep people’s spirits high and helping them to pass the time and have fun. 

Online gaming will continue to expand

Nowadays we’re finding that more and more video games have online connectivity and can be played and enjoyed online. 

People are playing games online through various sites and are socialising with their friends in the process and that is only going to continue.

With around 80% of the entire world now able to access high speed internet, we can expect to see more and more games that can be played online or played exclusively online. 

There are some HUGE games coming

Now, assuming that none of them are postponed or pushed back, 2020 looks set to be huge year for video games.

There are some seriously huge games set to drop later this year, including titles such as: 

The Last of Us Part 2 

Cyberpunk 2077 

Resident Evil 3 reboot 

Final Fantasy VII reboot

Doom Eternal 

Dying Light 2 

And many more…

New consoles

Again, assuming there are no push backs or postponements, we should also see two brand new consoles hitting the market. 

As you probably know, there are two consoles that dominate the games industry and they are Xbox and PlayStation. 

With the Xbox Series X and PS5 looking likely to drop towards the end of the year, likely just before December so that they can cash in over the festive period, gamers are very excited. 

There haven’t been too many announcements regarding what we can expect from the consoles, but with processing power being emphasised several times, gamers are in for a real treat when the consoles drop. 

Why the Games Industry in 2020 Will Succeed

Advanced controllers

Sony announced recently that the PS5 will come with what is known as a ‘Haptic’ controller. 

The controller is designed to give gamers a realistic and authentic gaming experience. 

Rather than just vibrating, the controller will adapt to what the player is doing and what is happening in the game. 

Things like firing a gun, falling off a ledge, crashing into a wall, and kicking a football will all feel very different. 

Even things such as swimming or running though mud will be noticeably different thanks to the controller. 

Games may be streamed on a larger scale

We all know about streaming movies and TV shows, but what about video games? Well, recently Google announced that thanks to Google Stadia, they will be doing exactly that. 

There are also very strong rumblings that Amazon and Apple will also both follow suit and get into the video game streaming service. 

There is money to be made

Finally, another reason why 2020 looks set to be a huge year for video games is simply due to the fact that there is so much money to be made. 

With games consoles likely to drop, and several huge video games coming this year, experts predict record-breaking profits this year. 

Last year the global games market came in at a staggering $148.8 Billion and this year it looks set to be even bigger still.

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