Ways to Find Emerging Artists

Ways to Find Emerging Artists

Ways to Find Emerging Artists – Collecting works of emerging artists is quite risky because you do not know how the careers of these artists will flourish. It will take someone brave enough to collect works of artists who have a very little solid reputation yet. Of course, if you are an art collector, you at least have a trained eye for recognising talent or spotting those with potential. 

Emerging artists continue to create their work, and many galleries continue to help them by displaying their creations. If you know where to look and what to look for, you will find emerging artists who are worthy of a second look and probably support and patronage.

One thing to remember is that your best ally is knowledge. If you know more about the world of art, the information about emerging artists, current trends, and market prices, you can plan your art acquisitions better.

Where do you find emerging artists today?

Understand that the places where you can find emerging artists are different from the almost-exclusive places for established artists. You can find most emerging artists at regional and smaller galleries, online galleries, social media platforms, and other locations.


If you are patient and know your way around Instagram, you can discover some talented artists on this platform. Many art dealers and collectors use this social media app to discover talented artists. As long as you have the eye for spotting talent or you work with an investment advisor specialising in art collections, this platform is a superb source.

Online galleries

You can find emerging artists working in different styles in most online galleries. The gallery curator can help you identify future stars. You may or may not know what types of artworks you want to collect. Discussing your ideas with curators will help you find potential artists. You should already have a budget in mind. Remember that collecting art from emerging artists can be risky, so if you are building an investment portfolio, do not put all your money into art. It should just be a part of your portfolio because you may not realise the fruits of your investment in ten years.


Some emerging artists are featured in group or solo exhibitions. This is a good sign that the artist has potential. Know more about them and their work from reviews. Understand that if they have second and third shows, their rates may be out of reach, so find out what critics have to say after their first show and decide.


Attend local exhibitions. Art schools usually hold exhibitions between semesters and some schools typically have exhibitions of the works of the graduating class. You can find emerging artists from these events.

Collecting emerging art sometimes depends on having the right information. Sometimes the decision depends on how you feel when you first see an artwork. Sometimes you need an expert to point you in the right direction. Whatever the reason is, make sure that you have all the information you need before deciding to invest.

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