Victoria Coren Mitchell is the Queen of Poker

Victoria Coren Mitchell is the Queen of Poker

Victoria Coren Mitchell is the Queen of Poker – Victoria Coren Mitchell is the perfect example of the modern woman. Too often we are bombarded with images of what women should be, which teeth whitening kits we should buy, and none of the information that we’re being given goes beyond the superficial. If we began to value substance as highly as we value image, then Victoria Coren Mitchell would be Kim Kardashian, which probably makes David Mitchell… Kanye? 

Coren Mitchell is the queen of poker. In fact, she’s the queen of most things to which she turns her hand. If you need a panel host for a comedy TV show, Victoria. If you need a host for an ostensibly nerdy quiz show, Victoria. And if you need someone to win a poker game for you, then you probably want to get in touch with Victoria Coren Mitchell.

The daughter of journalist and humourist Alan Coren, early on she showed that she carried the family gene for writing. At 14, she was picked by Just Seventeen magazine to have a short story published, and a year later won a prize with the telegraph to publish a column for the paper all about teenage life. She continued to write the column for several years before going to Oxford to study English and graduating with a first-class degree.

She has since had success in publishing several books and continues to write for the Telegraph. During her time reviewing porn films for The Erotic Review (yes, really!) she and a friend wrote a book about trying to create the best porn film ever. They believed that they were able to create a better film than any that they were reviewing, and the book follows their journey.

However, it is her poker career that is most interesting. At 34, Coren Mitchell became the first woman to ever win the European Poker Tour and has gone on to win several titles and host major tournaments. She has often commented on her love of staying up late and also gardening, making her “a strange mix of old lady and teenage boy.” It is this paradoxical life that Coren Mitchell leads that makes her so interesting. 

Poker can be tricky at the best of times, and it can often feel like a boys’ club. Whilst Coren Mitchell may have smashed through many patriarchal barriers, for some, it can still feel like a strange world. If you don’t feel ready to delve into the world of poker in a land-based casino, any Jackpot King game on Paddy Power might pique your interest. You’ll be able to pick from hundreds of games and join the ranks of incredible female gamers around the world from the comfort of your home armchair and through the power of the internet.

For all of the talk of the ‘Kardashian’ as the perfect model for a modern woman, Victoria Coren Mitchell presents the opportunity to be free from the gaze of the patriarchy. She stays up all night playing poker, she works hard on several television shows and she also has a daughter called Barbara with whom she enjoys gardening. She’s both smart and sexy, and this is why she’s the perfect modern woman.

Poppy Watt

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