Vanessa Mae captures motion of the sea in her large scale artworks!

Vanessa Mae captures motion of the sea in her large scale artworks!

Since bursting onto the art scene in 2015, Vanessa Mae has barely been able to keep up supply for the demand of her art with previous collectors from the USA, United Arab Emirates, Germany, England, Italy, France, Scotland, Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, and of course, throughout Australia snapping up her pieces, some even locking in a purchase from ‘Work in progress photos’ on her socials before they’re entirely complete.

She has been invited to showcase her art in galleries all around the globe, including Brick Lane Gallery in London, Eclectic Gallery in London, Lethbridge Gallery in Australia, Agora Gallery in New York, & many others.

She has also had a curation request for Florene Biennale in Italy.

The one problem. Keeping up the supply of her unique and amazing artworks.

With just shy of 10,000 Facebook followers over 33,000 Instagram followers, she sure has taken some big strides in joining the art circuit and created herself a large following with no professional & minimal self-marketing involved.

Her art speaks for itself as you will see comments on her Instagram like:


“It becomes a composition of perfect colour & texture”

“It’s amazing how you can see the motion in the paintings”

“Absolutely stunning!”

“Extraordinary depictions of the sea – really superb!”

She won ‘People’s Choice Award’ in the Northern Beaches Art Prize and had a bidding war between buyers for the piece – Upsurge 

Vanessa Mae also involves herself in a number of charities on a global scale as she believes there is something special being able to donate artwork in particular, rather than a monetary donation. It’s more personal as if she has helped by giving something of herself. It warms her heart to know that something she has created will go to benefit causes in need.

To see her amazing art in person & up close, she will be exhibiting at ‘The Other Art Fair’ at The Cutaway, Barangaroo, Sydney on October 24 – 27, 2019.

You can also check out her website where she sells her artworks at

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