Vacation Ideas Other Than the Beach

Vacation Ideas Other Than the Beach

Vacation Ideas Other Than the Beach – Pop culture will have you believe that the only type of vacation is one where you’re oceanside on hot sand, but why?  Vacations are a time to get away and experience new and exciting things.  Why does every vacation you go on have to be precisely the same?  Instead, here are some ideas of how to better spend your time.

Mountain Spelunking Getaway

Most of the South is riddled with gorgeous deep caves that hide everything from gold to glow worms.  Those who aren’t afraid to go underground with a guide and get to see an otherwise unknown part of the country can enjoy exploring deep caves and caverns.  You don’t have to be a pro rock climber; some caves are expressly set up for tourists to be able to easily walk through, while others need more of a sense of adventure.  Cumberland Caverns is gorgeous enough that you’ll want to start looking at Nashville houses for sale!

Skiing in The Ice and Snow

You can ski year-round if you go to suitable resorts!  Skiing and snowboarding can beat out surfing any day of the year, and the views of snow-covered mountains are unforgettable.  Most of these towns are geared towards tourists and visitors and have fantastic food and other attractions you can seek out for fun.

Exploring A New Big City

If you live in a more rural area, a fun vacation may be flying to a large city that excites you, like New York City, and taking in all of the sights while you get to enjoy shopping.  There are endless things to do in cities, from opera to sports- and everyone in your family can be entertained for the entire trip.  Try to plan out a loose itinerary for most of your days there, and you might realise you have a new favourite vacation destination!

Theme Park Vacations

From waterparks that sprawl over miles to movie and entertainment theme parks with all of your kids’ favourite characters: theme parks know how to make a trip fun.  You can also plan fun and exciting things to do in the area around the park itself.  Orlando is over an hour from any beach, but you can enjoy things like gator parks, immense theatres, and parties, along with the countless and substantial theme parks that make it so popular.

This type of vacation can be costly if not planned out well, so if you’re on a budget, try to shop around before settling on a price for anything.

Road Trips

Everyone’s heard that saying that half of the fun of a vacation is getting there.  Road trip vacations are incredible because even if you go the same route every time, you will end up with different experiences.  Plan to take longer than you would if you drove straight through and enjoy stopping to look at tourist traps and interesting small towns whilst on route.  You can stop for classics, like the world’s most giant ball of string, or investigate ghost towns that have become a spot of interest for those who are passing through.

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