Uplift 2.0 - Spiralling Sculpture

Uplift 2.0 – Spiralling Sculpture

Uplift 2.0 – Spiralling Sculpture Good for Our Minds, Good for Our Planet

Award-winning British designer Tom Lawton launches Uplift 2.0 – a solar-powered spiralling kinetic sculpture made from recycled fishing nets.

A mesmerising, spiralling sculpture, Uplift 2.0 is powered by the sun to create a visually soothing motion, designed to help you relax and unwind. The progressive new design uses waste fishing nets from the Cornish Hake Fisheries to form the spiral’s structure, which in turn gives it it’s stunning translucent aquamarine colour.

“Uplift 2.0 sits on your windowsill gently revolving. Its relaxing motion creates a never-ending spiral that’s simply hypnotic to watch. It helps the mind unwind as it forever flows.” Lawton comments.

Uplift 2.0 - Spiralling Sculpture
Fishy Filaments, an award-winning waste processing start-up based in in Newlyn, Cornwall

Working with Fishy Filaments, an award-winning waste processing start-up based in Newlyn, Cornwall and a family-run artisan manufacturer, Plastic-IT in Shropshire, Lawton has been able to successfully manufacture the design using recycled fishing nets. Following a series of industrial processes, the result is a highly refined design that looks and feels like glass.

“But it’s not just good for your mind, it’s good for the planet too.” Lawton continues. “I wanted to make Uplift 2.0 in a beautiful aquamarine colour, translucent like ocean waves, so I turned to the coast in search of inspiration. There I found the same problem we are all staring at, but rather than feel despair I saw incredible potential in the marine plastic that littered the beach.” 

On average, a single waste fishing net allows Lawton to make roughly 70 Uplift 2.0’s. With 1,000 pre-orders already taken, Lawton is using 100kg of recycled material in his initial batch, the equivalent of fifteen fishing nets. This is a significant amount of waste fishing net being recycled off the Cornish coast and prevented from going to landfill, or worse still, left in the ocean.

For every Uplift 2.0 sold on beuplifted.co.uk, £10 will be donated to The Sea Sanctuary – a unique mental health and wellbeing charity rooted in the concept of ‘blue health’. Its programmes rely on the environment and use techniques thought to be the first of their kind in the world. They use a combination of sail training, marine activities and evidence-based therapies to help children and adults who are struggling with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and a whole range of mental and emotional health problems. 

Uplift 2.0 is designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in England. It’s available for pre-order now from https://beuplifted.co.uk with delivery from mid-August 2020. RRP: £185. 

Uplift 2.0 - Spiralling Sculpture
Uplift 2.0 – Spiralling Sculpture

Uplift Testimonials

“Wowzer, Tom Has done it again. Uplift 2.0 captures the essence of the regenerative future; she runs on sunlight, turns waste material into timeless art, and calms the spirit as she spins. Just beautiful!” – Kate Raworth, Renegade Economist

“I love it. Such a beautiful thing” – Matt Haig, Author

“I love this. A happy, dreamy, solar sculpture” – Derren Brown, Mentalist

“Uplift is so hypnotic. I could watch it forever” – Jamie Oliver, Chef

“The infinite movement of the Fibonacci spiral in the beautiful and calming sculpture Uplift always connects me to my true potential and source. I’m so grateful for my Uplift and I enjoy it every day!” – Gordana Biernat @mypowertalk

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