Unique Christmas Decorations to Put Around the Home This Year

Unique Christmas Decorations to Put Around the Home This Year

Unique Christmas Decorations to Put Around the Home This Year – Christmas is a magical time of the year. It is the time for gifts, spending time with those you love, eating, drinking and being merry. Decorating your home for Christmas is an important part of the fun and magic of the season. There are countless ways to decorate your home to make it the perfect winter wonderland, and how far you go with the decorations is entirely up to personal preference.  

What is most important during the Christmas season is that you enhance the cosiness of your home and decorate with things that bring you joy. Here are some unique ways to decorate your home this Christmas.  

Make Your Own Decorations

Making your own decorations can be a fantastic way to make Christmas even more magical this year. You could consider using the retro technique to make streamers with colourful paper. This can also be a great family activity that even the youngest members can join in one.  

Create An Indoor Wreath And Mantel Topper

Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without some greenery. This year you could forgo any plastic wreaths and greenery in favour of real ones. You could order some seasonal evergreen plants and flowers from a local florist and use an online video or other resources to learn how to create a wreath and mantel topper. Use greens and reds for a traditional Christmas wreath, or switch it up with some fun colours. 

Don’t Forget A Festive Fragrance

Smells can be evocative, so make sure to fill your home with them this Christmas. There are plenty of rooms sprays, scented candles and reed diffusers on sale that creates a homely, festive smell. Look for scents like cinnamon, sage or citrus to find the smells that make Christmas feel special. You could also cook up some baked goods to fill the house with an authentic freshly baked cookie smell.  

Personalise Your Stockings

Stockings are a must at Christmas, and getting personalised stockings can be the ideal way to create the perfect family Christmas environment. Look for festive stockings in your kids’ favourite festive colours, and use some transferrable lettering to add names or initials to each. If you feel like getting a bit more crafty, you could consider investing in some embroidery thread and sewing the personalisation on yourself.  

Print Your Christmas Photos

Christmas photos are a great way to commemorate each year and watch your family grow and change year on year. A great decoration could be a canvas print of your favourite Christmas picture of the family from last year. You could also consider getting the family together for a Christmas portrait to print before the holidays. Take a look and choose your canvas prints from Photobox and capture the moment.

Consider A Rainbow Tree

If you don’t feel like going the traditional Christmas tree route this year, there are plenty of unique and fun ideas out there. One of the most popular in recent years has been the rainbow Christmas tree. As the name suggests, these are Christmas trees that come in all the colours of the rainbow. One of these trees can be the ultimate fun show stopper to help you celebrate the season.  

Rearrange Your Furniture

One easy decoration technique could be to rearrange your furniture in preparation for Christmas. You could consider arranging the sofa and armchairs facing each other or around the fireplace to create a cosy, homely feel.  

Put Up Mistletoe  

Mistletoe is another of the quintessential Christmas decorations. Traditionally hung in doorways where anyone passing underneath can share a kiss, you can add mistletoe easily anywhere in the home. You could even consider having a mistletoe Christmas tree topper. It is important to note that mistletoe contains toxins that may be harmful to pets, so be careful to place it out of reach. If in doubt, choose a different Christmas plant to hang, like poinsettias or holly.   

Make A Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses have been an incredibly popular part of Christmas for decades. Making a gingerbread house is an activity that everyone can enjoy and participate in, from the youngest to the eldest.  

You could buy a kit that has everything you need to make a gingerbread house or consider baking your own gingerbread building blocks from scratch. You will need piping icing and edible decorations for the finishing touches. Once your gingerbread house is finished, you can display it until after the New Year.  

Get A Table Centrepiece

There’s nothing as exciting as sitting around the dinner table ready to eat Christmas Dinner. While the food is naturally the main event during Christmas Dinner, you can still add some lovely decorations to add to the Christmas feel while eating. A centrepiece can be the perfect thing to make the Christmas meal feel special. You could make one yourself or invest in one made by a local or online artisan.

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