Unique Body Shaping Jeans

Unique Body Shaping Jeans  – Jeans are never out of fashion, eternally changing to encompass flares, boot cuts, high waist, skinny, distressed or impress.  Poppy Watt discovered figure-flattering Jeans with the help of Sally Allen Fashion for Men & Women founder Sally Allen-Gerard.

“I started the premium British designer jean brand ‘Wizard’ in November 2009 and entered the market with a soft launch in January 2010. As a great lover of jeans and always looking for the ‘perfect pair’ and never quite finding them, Sally spent two years researching fabrics and technologies to fulfil an ambition to come up with jeans that really enhance a woman’s shape. After refining two different processes/technologies, Sally established Glamour2Gothe company behind the Wizard Jeans brand.

Sally says “We were keen to develop a technology which would help women feel comfortable in their own skins by increasing their confidence and lifting their self-esteem. It doesn’t matter how old you are – we all want to look better, slimmer and younger – and most importantly, fashionable!

Having always had an interest in fashion Sally’s first fashion revelation was a silk dress in a bag that didn’t crease. You could keep it in the office for that unexpected date or cocktail party. Her only problem was producing a huge range several times a year – which required mega-investment. So she decided to concentrate on jeans, which are not quite as seasonal.

 “I remember in the 70s I used to adore wearing my FUs. My goal now was to design high-quality jeans with a good cut that was popular across the generations and for both men and women.

With the help of technologists, Sally developed the Wizard (C) bonding technology. The special bonding adheres to the denim and in most styles goes from the waist to the upper thigh. This acts like an old fashion roll-on or girdle to help flatten the stomach and lift the rear. The Wizard range also features the benefit of a very high-quality cut and ‘pocket control’ to achieve a similar look to a flattering silhouette.

With particular attention to cut, design, high quality, and fashion, Wizard Jeans are popular across the generations and for both sexes. They are the perfect way to look fantastic in jeans at any age – and to also meet the demands of the fashion-conscious.

“We have just added an exciting new addition, a ‘bridal/party’ style, GIGI – in stunning white and sprinkled with diamante stones it is already a firm favourite for beach weddings and special nights out. So far, I have been unable to put bonding into stonewash jeans because of the extensive washing treatments. So instead, our stonewash jeans have special pockets, which are made from very high quality and tough fabric which are stitched tightly inside and so give support, lift and control benefits in that way. 

Sally has not always been in the fashion industry, but her career choices over the years have certainly helped her gain the experience necessary to get London-based Wizard jeans on the fashion runways.

“I was born in Torquay in Devon and used to love Art and History at school – but left as soon as I could as I was keen to get involved in life!

“I trained as a beautician and then went into banking. I was married in 1977 and spent four years trying to have children. I had numerous operations – but in the end, couldn’t conceive. This caused a problem with my marriage, as my husband was extremely keen to have children but was not keen to adopt – so we divorced but are still friends and I went off and started a boat and leisure business in Barbados!” 

After two years in Barbados Sally moved to Lord’s Cricket Ground to become Financial Controller for the National Cricket Association – and the first female executive in cricket.  

“My family was always into sport and also most of my boyfriends – and so was I. After I left Lord’s I started a sports sponsorship and marketing agency. I worked with all the governing bodies of sports, the sports stars, sponsoring companies, etc. 

“As much as I like to play tennis and watch rugby, it has always been the business side of sports, which interested me most. I still look after the media interests and speaking engagements in the UK for Francois Pienaar, the 1995 South African Rugby World Cup-winning captain.”

In October 2009, Sally was responsible for bringing President Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the USA and Founder of the William J Clinton Foundation, to London to speak at a charity event. Hosted by Sir David Frost OBE, in aid of The Lady Taverners, this event raised a considerable amount of money to help give young people, particularly those with special needs, a sporting chance.

Sally is also responsible for all aspects of the business. “I think that creating a business is always very exciting – the styles, the development of the brand and the infrastructure. Basically, everything that makes it tick. I work pretty much seven days a week – but I love to relax with my husband, who is also the guru I turn to for advice.”

Poppy Watt

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