Puerta America Hotel all about the Wow! Factor
The Puerta America
Standing atop the Puerta America Hotel, enjoying the view of Madrid from the 13th floor bar, I
Weekends Away - History and Beer in Bustling Prague
Prague - A city with many hidden treasures
Old Town Square in Prague with a lager in hand and the horse drawn carriages awaiting fares is a
Beware Nicely Dressed Man with Map
Watch your belongings abroad!
There is no more disconcerting experience than being robbed when travelling abroad and it had never
Venus Adventures – Global Trips For Women
Julie Paterson, founder of Venus Adventures
Have you ever thought about planning a trip that was focused not just on the location but also on
City Car Club
City Car Club
There was a time when our family supported two cars as well as four kids, two tortoises and a
Jacqui Travelling Hopefully
Jacqui Furneaux
Jacqui Furneaux had led a pretty conventional life, trained as a nurse, became a health visitor,
Islands in the Sun
Cape Verde - Jewel off the African Coast
Located about 300 miles off the coast of Senegal in West Africa, the islands of Cape Verde lie on
Sea-ing Is Believing
Independence of the Seas
The planet we live on is made up of 70% water. When you consider that there’s 6.5 billion people
Ethiopia - not what you'd expect!
Ethiopian castle
I was on a two week trip of the historic northern route in Ethiopia to see what all the lack of
Morocco - a journey of the senses!
Camel riding in the Sahara
We were all feeling exhausted but exhilarated… to be expected after a couple of weeks travel in