Weird Holiday Destinations.

Church of Bones, Czech Republic

Weird Holiday Destinations.

From a temple brimmed with rats, a flying casino, to an island filled with creepy dolls – these weird destinations will take your holidays out of the ordinary.

Church of Bones, Czech Republic

A strange artistry of human skeletons lives in the suburbs of Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. The Sedlec Ossuary, also identified, as the “Bone Church” is a small chapel situated in Sedlec, housing more than 40,000 human bones. This chapel stands out in its unique nature of bone decorations, which literally fill the entirety of the place. Inside, one of the most striking things you’ll sight is an enormous chandelier made up of human bones lying in the center of the church. The decorations are remains of people who had the wish to be buried in a holy sanctuary. Hence, the remarkably unusual chapel lived.

Source:The Bohemian Blog

Getting there:  From Prague, the country’s capital, you can have a 1-hour trip up to Kutna Hora.

Market Theater Gum Wall, Seattle

Celebrate your holiday in this one-of-a-kind bizarre extravaganza! This weird attraction offers an immense exploration of countless chewing gums crammed in an alleyway. A local landmark in Seattle, it has been included in the top 5 germiest attractions back in 2009. It’s a fascinating blend of fun, nastiness, and awesomeness where you can appreciate art’s many interesting forms. The place gives you the freedom to stick your gums and form various artistic creations. Excitingly, it’s a destination that should be included in every tourist’s itinerary while in Seattle. Shape different gum sculptures and add color to the vibrant gum backdrop - and don’t forget to leave your mark!

Location: Post Alley under Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

Karni Mata Temple, India

Welcome to India’s most welcoming abode, where thousands of rats can crawl freely without being laid a finger. The Hindu temple, widely known as “Temple of Rats,” makes home to an estimated 25,000 black holy rats called as “kabbas.”  Within the sacred dwelling, the rats are fed with sweets; milk, grains and coconut shells and their safety are highly ensured. Dedicated to Karni Mata who is a female Hindu warrior, this temple lies on a small town of Deshnoke, which has been constantly visited by tourists to pay respect to the Goddess along with the holy rats. To witness a huge gathering of rats, it’s best to visit the temple at night or even before sunrise.

Address: Karni Mata Niji Pranyas, Deshnok, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334801, India

Island of the Dolls, Mexico

A good holiday deserves a destination that wouldn’t be easily erased.  Full speed to Mexico’s creepy island, where hundreds of hair-raising dolls hang from the trees, yours will definitely be a getaway you won’t forget. You’ll be greeted by the islands peaceful yet a little disturbing ambience of sinister-looking figures that are even more frightening at night. Legend has it that the spirit of a dead girl, who was found drowning by the island’s caretaker named Don Julian Santana Barrera, possessed the dolls. After the incident, a doll was likewise seen floating by Barrera, which he believed was owned by the little girl. Since then, he started hanging dolls in respect to the girl’s spirit. If that’s not haunting enough, the caretaker’s body was mysteriously found drowning in the same site where the said girl did, 50 years later. Locals even had it that the dolls moved and whispered with one another. Now, about how true this legends are, one thing’s for sure about this eerie island - it will surely give you the kind of creeps you’ll find in your nightmares.

Getting around: Wallow in a tranquil boat trip and float to the haunting beauty of the island

Custom Boeing 777 “Flying Casino” Jet Lounge

Talking about a unique luxury lounge where passengers can take an entertainment retreat while onboard - introducing the avant-garde flying casino. This casino embodies “new social travel experiences for the long-haul traveler,” as what founder and director of AirJet, Jean-Pierre Alfano calls.  The casino’s noteworthy design was based on the Boeing 777 interior, which has been introduced years ago. Passengers are bound in a relaxing atmosphere where they can move freely and mingle with one another while enjoying the casino games table and the bar service being featured. One strong aim of the casino jet lounge was to bring back the pleasing social experience of aircraft travel where individuals could interact and share experiences with each other. You don’t have to fly on this jet to enjoy casino games however, just click onto to start having fun on the ground never mind in the air!

Amusements to enjoy: Casino games, tables and bar service

Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach is one proof of how nature can powerfully turn something reckless into an admirable piece of beauty.  The stunning charm of the ocean came out after years of dumping garbage such as glasses and appliances was transformed into a captivating sea of colorful sea glass. How did such happen? Well, leave it to nature’s great hands. While you’re in there, discover some sea glass treasures such as the sapphire gems, which were originally from apothecary bottles and take some snaps - just don’t take one with you, as it’s a definite no-no. Few destinations offer you a gaping moment of nature’s extraordinary transformations and this place is one of them.

What to see: Shades of pinks, lavenders, lime greens along with rare rubies from perfume bottles and traffic light lenses and more

Electric Ladyland, Amsterdam

Welcome to the eccentric land of the world’s first museum that celebrates the wonders of fluorescent light. A walk along this place will take you into a psychedelic trip surrounded with trippy collection of other elements and rocks. You can immerse in the experiential room, which is the museum’s main attraction. Plus, the museum’s owner, Nick Padalino can give you vivid details about the science of phosphorescence while you devour the surreal environment.  Literally, there’s no place as mind-bending as Electric Ladyland. And if you’re up for more fascinating adventures, you will not be disappointed because the country offers countless of unique attractions for quirky travellers like you.

Address: Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5 Hs., 1015 TB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Icehotel, Sweden

A well-known hotel and art exhibition founded in 1989, Icehotel is practically made of gorgeous ice and snow. The classic appeal of the whole place creates an enriching experience for visitors and creative individuals to foster.  What’s more exciting this winter season is its added allure of luxury suites, packed with private bathrooms as well as art suites.

Activities to indulge in: Ice Sculpting, Northern Lights Safari, Snowmobile Adventure, Cross-country Skiing, Dog sledding, Torne River Rafting.

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