Venus Adventures – Global Trips For Women

Julie Paterson, founder of Venus Adventures

Have you ever thought about planning a trip that was focused not just on the location but also on the things that interest you as a woman? Perhaps you have been away with the girls in the past but the girls are no longer available?. Or maybe you want to try something outside your comfort zone but are not really sure where to start?

Julie Paterson believes her company Venus Adventures that specialises in women-only holidays and travel has the answer.

“When planning a trip anywhere you have to abandon the fear. Don’t be afraid, go where your heart wants you to go, no matter how daunting or exotic it might seem! Stepping outside the boundaries of your own world is the hardest part. Take the leap and we’ll make it easy and fun from there,” says Julie.

”We have a range of great destinations for women, some trips focus on the cultural side, whilst others are more adventurous.  One thing’s for sure, all of them are fun

Julie was born and raised in New Zealand but had a burning desire to travel the world. At 18 she left to go to Europe, with a naïve but positive attitude that took care of her!

“My Grandmother was my inspiration. As a child I travelled to distant places in my head whilst putting my sticky mitts all over my grandparents’ exotic souvenirs, bought in countries thousands of miles away. My grandmother's somewhat long and drawn out travel stories served to feed the flames of my wanderlust.

“As a young girl we always had fun family camping holidays. I just loved escaping and exploring new territories, even if it was in my own neighbourhood.

“My passion for history and business has taken me from North America to Europe and Africa to Asia and back.

“After many years of travelling, I decided I liked the relaxed atmosphere that develops in women-only groups. It's just great fun being with the girls, talking and laughing about things that women like to, well, talk and laugh about!

“Our holidays vary in length from 10 days to three weeks - so there is something to suit everyone. We schedule the holidays to give you a quality experience - at times of the year when a destination may be less hot, less crowded or more scenic.

“We give women what they really want: time to shop without men tapping their watches; local spa treatments where they can relax; fun little adventures which get them just out of their comfort zone. We mix as much as possible with the locals and many of them now are our friends, we ‘give back’ where we can to support communities, schools or hospitals by donating clothes, school books etc..  We enjoy a bit of pampering mixed with a bit of roughing it….plus the essential “gin o’clock session” most evenings where we sit together and laugh. We try to make our trips special for everybody.

“There are lots of great things to do on a women's trip: learn to cook in Vietnam; ride camels in the Sahara; trawl the markets for exotic handicrafts in Morocco; visit fascinating tribes in Ethiopia or relax in a hot tub overlooking an African landscape.

“If there is a great little adventure to be had, we do it!”

The best thing about Venus Adventures is that their trips are all-inclusive. Once you’ve booked there is no need to worry about money on the trip, unless you fancy a spending spree in the market!

For anyone looking to let their hair down, travelling in the company of other women, in a non-competitive, encouraging and supportive environment, Venus Adventures occupies a unique place in the market for women of all ages and backgrounds to really spoil themselves! 

If you would like more information then visit their website at and see if you can uncover your perfect holiday.

Poppy Watt