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Have Fun On The Beach

It’s crucial to make sure that you make the most of your hard earned cash while you’re away.

Sue Flynn owner of Kalkan Magic, a leading provider of luxury rental accommodation in Kalkan on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, has the following advice for holidaymakers seeking to make their currency continue till the very end of their holiday.

1. Research your destination fully before you go – as well as being fun and adding to the excitement, this can really save a small fortune and put you firmly in the driving seat. Many destinations have very active forums whereby would-be holidaymakers can ask seasoned visitors to advise on good value days out, the best boat trips and the most appropriate restaurants for their budget. They’re worth their weight in gold.

2. Whatever you do, don’t arrive at the airport hungry and that means in the UK and overseas. Hungry children will want to head straight to the fast food outlets and whilst it isn’t necessarily cheap in this country–it can be extremely costly elsewhere. A McDonalds at Dalaman airport for instance can set you back as much as £10 per person – not a great way to end a holiday. Instead, eat at your apartment or have a light meal in your resort before you leave.

3. Forums dedicated to a destination can also be a great way to meet new friends. Find out when others with similar age children are going and where they recommend staying. If you’re going at the same time, kids can meet up and if they’re happy that means less spending for you.

4. Don’t always go to restaurants advertising family meals – most places will cater for children with small meals or lighter bites which will be cheaper and also be more palatable to adults to finish off at the end!

5. Don’t exchange a lot of holiday money in the UK. Just take a small amount to get you by then change most of it at your holiday destination as it will be cheaper. Shop around for the best rate which can often mean going into banks where you can get a substantially better rate. They usually have English speakers for this purpose.

6. If you want to take money out of the cash point bear in mind that there will be a charge per transaction so withdraw more rather than less.

7. Better still, use a card which doesn’t charge for cash withdrawals. Do your homework before you go and it will pay dividends. Keep any cash in a safe if you are renting a villa or apartment or if you are in a hotel, find out if they have a safety deposit box that you can use, before you go.

8. If you are travelling with a family take some cosmetic essentials with you instead of waiting until you get to resort, especially if you have very young children in tow. Relying on local supermarkets can be costly if you need to have specific brands. 

9. Research trips before you go and don’t get pressurised into holiday company excursions that you can do more cheaply yourself. But be sensible, you don’t want to compromise on quality or safety and check that all elements of the trips are the same before opting for a cheaper alternative.

10. If you are waiting until you arrive to buy sun cream and insect repellent, do take a small amount for use when you get to your destination. You will probably need both either when you get there or before you hit the shops – you don’t want to start your holiday with bites and sunburn before you have chance to go shopping.

Poppy Watt