Las Vegas Style: How to Dress on the Vegas Strip

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a lot of history; particularly as it relates to gambling. So, you need to make sure you know how to dress for the casinos, and the way you dress relates directly to the perception at the table. Your look needs to command respect. The key is simple but stylish, nothing too flamboyant. Choose nice, dark jeans without holes, or better yet, wear chinos. Wear a closed toe, nice looking shoe, not athletic sneakers. Add a single tone shirt but leave off the tie. Top it off with a jacket. Dark colours work best, but not black or you'll look like the staff. If you want a little unique flair, choose a bold coloured, solid shirt.

Going to a Restaurant

Dressing for dinner depends on where you're going. A laidback restaurant calls for a polo shirt or dress shirt, chinos, and skip the tie. But if you're trying a classier restaurant go with suit trousers and a dress shirt with or without a tie. Keep your clothes well pressed too. Nothing looks worse than wrinkled clothing.

Going to a Night Club

Dress comfortable but use common sense. Leave the swim trunks and sandals in the room but wear clothes that allow movement. Try dark, pressed jeans or chinos and choose a nice shirt but tuck in lightly to allow for movement. Unbutton the top two buttons and roll up the sleeves for a cool but stylish look. Leave off the tie but wear comfortable, closed toe shoes, again no sneakers. Dressing this way meets almost all the dress codes at Las Vegas clubs.

Going to a Show

Behind gambling, the best-known entertainment in Las Vegas is fantastic live shows. It's considered poor taste to dress down for these performances. Dress to impress so, wear a suit, dress shoes, buttoned shirt, and a tie. If a suit isn't possible, wear trousers and a nice sports jacket with a tie. By dressing up you show respect to the performers.

Must Haves

When packing include a two-button suit. Stick with charcoal, brown, navy, or possibly tan or light gray if it's summer. White or pastel colored suits look dated. Add a few white and light blue dress shirts, a pair of nice jeans, a navy sports coat, a tie, and maybe a pocket square or two. If you're not checking luggage, wear the suit on the plane. Don't hesitate to use the hotel room iron. Neatly pressed clothes are always more stylish than wrinkles.

Under no circumstances wear a shirt unbuttoned to the waist and gold chains. Save that for your next costume party. But, if the gambler in you says, live a little, try a white V-neck T-shirt matched with dark, neatly pressed jeans and a conservative dark vest. This is less conventional but gives you a rock star edge and projects confidence.

By adhering to these clothing tips, you're assured of looking nice and proper no matter where you go in Las Vegas. So, pack up and head out the door.

Katie Johnson