Hen's Head to Nottingham!

Multi-Course Meal

Well, it may be a lesser known fact, but Nottingham is one of those rare hidden gem types of place that will give you the best experience for your hen do. Be it the most happening places for a party or the most classic venues for your hen do. Nottingham has it all to give you the perfect experience.

So without further ado let's have a look at the list of the mind-blowing activities that you can enjoy in Nottingham -

Multi-Course Meal - When you realise that your last day of freedom actually means you are being free of that diet, that is the time when you go out for this multi-course meal option in Nottingham. With a number of hotels and restaurants, this place has everything that you require to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds as well!!

Retro Dance Lesson - Well if you like going a bit old school then this specific dance lesson in Nottingham, is just the right choice for you! Learn some of the most popular dance moves that were extremely famous back then, and shake a leg or two with your fellow hens!

Alton Towers Day - What to do when you just crave for some instant adrenaline rush? Well, you can take your bride and hens along to Alton Towers and have the time of your life, in this best theme park of Britain. Go for a ride on the roller coaster and do not forget to hold on tight!! 

Pub And Bar Crawl - Well booze is something without which no hen party could be complete! So if you find yourself for a Hen do in Nottingham then make sure to find your way to the best pub and bar crawl in the town! With a variety of places to choose from you are going to be amazed for sure!

Strip Tease - If you think that those naughty activities of seduction and wildness are any less in Nottingham then you might be mistaken!! Head for some of the best strip clubs and find yourself entertained by the most attractive men of all, dancing, just for you!

City Treasure Hunt - Yes, you read that right! Make sure to set your competitive mode On, as this city will allow you to have the best treasure hunt of your life. Not many people are used to the idea of having a treasure hunt in the entire city!!

Escapologic - This is one of the particular activities that you must try out when it comes to a hen do in Nottingham. Get ready for the thrill that this escape room will give you!! Bring in your fellow hens, solve the clues and make sure to escape in time!

Shop Till You Drop - Nottingham is one of the very famous shopping destinations. With over 1300 outlets including all sorts of shops such as the street favourites and the big brands, this place is perfect for shopping all you want!

River Cruise - A great way to kick off your Hen party is by beginning with the shiny and pristine cruise on the serene Nottingham river. Be it a morning cruise or an evening cruise this experience is going to be worth every penny. You can even end your hen do with this activity!!

Totally Wiped Out - One of the most special things that Nottingham has to offer is this extremely fun-filled activity based on the TV show total wipeout. Bring your fellow hens and complete five levels of our entertainment filled with easy physical tasks and obstacle course!

So, what are you waiting for? Just go for the best experience of your hen do as you head towards Nottingham!!

Poppy Watt