Best gap year destinations

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Best gap year destinations

Taking a year out between high school and college or college and university can be massively beneficial for an individual’s growth. Whether you decide to enrol on a guided gap year or spend time volunteering and travelling the world, you’ll be able to live life to the fullest before settling back into your life at home more motivated and focused than ever. Before you go, be sure to create a gap year travel checklist to avoid leaving essential items behind (you won’t get very far without your passport)! Find out the best gap year destinations below:


Backpacking in Fiji on a gap year is perfect for those who want to party on a beach, top up their tans or join in traditional ceremonies on the island. Fiji is the ultimate escape and is one of the most idyllic gap year travel destinations in the world. From scuba diving to the depths of the azure sea to explore the Fiji Marine Conservation to helping teach children on the Yasawa Islands, not matter what you’re out to achieve, it’s all possible in Fiji. No matter what your budget might be, you’ll be able to find both activities and accommodation suitable for your needs whilst still being able to learn new skills and experience a new culture.

New Zealand

Not only just an ideal location for tourists, New Zealand is the perfect place for students alike. Dig deep into the culture of New Zealand and take up a voluntary role progressing wildlife conservation projects, hike across the coast to Abel Tasman National Park or enjoy a rush of adrenaline taking part in an extreme sport. No matter what it is, you’ll certainly experience a gap year to remember.


The United States has everything you hope for to have the best gap year possible. Your time spent overseas is a great opportunity to spend time exploring one of the most exciting countries in the entire world: America. If you’re looking for adventure travel to go, you’ll find it all in America. From the Grand Canyon to the sequoias in Yosemite or even the geysers found in Yellowstone National Park, there’s plenty to see, do and explore. Travelling to the USA can be done of any budget. Whether you want to head to Nashville or Surfers paradise in California, you can do it all at a cost that suits you.


Have you even wondered what spending Christmas day on a beach is like? Now you can experience it! Australia is the second most country for students that take a gap year (the first being Thailand)! It easily has an entire years’ worth of entertainment to keep you occupied throughout the duration of your visit, so Australia on a gap year is a definite must! There’s another reason why it’s widely popular with backpacker’s too. The Down Under is home to some of the best beaches, national parks and cities than anywhere else in the world. With so many opportunities there’s no reason to not visit!


Thailand attracts more than 16million each year, so there’s no wonder it’s one of the top destinations for students planning a gap year! Thailand is perfect for first-time travellers who are looking for a whole load of fun. No trip to Thailand would be complete without visiting the islands idyllic beaches. Koh Phangen is home to the infamous full moon party known for all night drinking, dancing and entertainment. During your stay, visit Bangkok to see the temples first-hand and learn more about Thai culture. 

Poppy Watt