Being a Student in Nottingham

Nottingham University

Being a student in Nottingham, you’re placed slap bang in the Midlands that’s filled with local history and sights to see. Being a student here provides plenty to explore on the weekends when your weekday classes are over. If you think you’ll enjoy exploring a new city with a history that goes all the way back to the 6th century, you’re in for a real treat while slipping into the role of a student.

Here are a few tips for studying successfully and enjoying your stay in Nottingham.

Get Your Accommodation Sorted First

When it gets to the study season, student accommodation books up fast. However, the market for something a little nicer is also competitive with places being booked earlier than you might expect. To find student accommodation Nottingham based, you’ll want to verify that it’s located within easy reach of your appointed college or university or at least is near a bus connection.

We’d recommend you check out Almero Student Mansions because they have several properties for students who wish to rent while studying in Nottingham and are desirous of well-appointed accommodation. Reliable internet connections, everything modern and fully functional, and hassle-free is what their student tenants are most looking for. When they are in classes most days of the week – students don’t need any problems on the home front. Almero understands this and aims to make their stay virtually effortless.

Transportation Comes Next

Nottingham can feel quite spread out. Because of this, you’ll probably want your own transport to get around. Failing that, the next best thing is the bus service which itself is over a century old.

The buses in Nottingham are operated by Nottingham City Transport (check their live bus times for up-to-the-minute information). They use all the latest technology for tracking and provide maps with bus stops and current bus locations, so you won’t have to wait long.

What to Do During Downtime?

While there are plenty of the usual restaurants, cafes, clubs and the like to keep you entertained and well fed, there’s also the rich history to explore while staying in Nottingham.

For instance, the Wollaton Hall is a Victorian-era estate with plush grounds and impressive structures. Now a museum, it’s open to visitors. Also, the Wollaton Park is an expansive area to explore on foot which if you’re very lucky may include a deer spotting or two. Not to be forgotten, the City of Caves gets busy with visitors keen to see something different to what they experience back home.

You’d also be remiss if you didn’t indulge in a little Robin Hood fiction as the story was based in the forests here and there are themed days out to explore the fictional mystery more deeply.

Unlike some other cities in the UK that often look somewhat alike, Nottingham has a past and a present that are equally captivating. Even if your studies don’t cover history, there is plenty to keep you occupied when you’re not being a diligent bookworm.