The Adventure Boutique’s ‘Swiss Revitalisation’

St. Moritz in Switzerland

A new, unique, and increasingly popular type of vacation combines style, adventure and health benefits into a holistic itinerary to revive and restore you away from the stressors of every day life. Perhaps this is the pick-me-up you’ve been searching for to make 2015 your year.  

We’re amidst the gloomy beginning months of 2015. It’s a little cold outside, our New Year’s resolutions are probably a distant memory but the summer still feels quite far away. But not all is sombre and dreary; we think this is prime time to start planning something a little different for 2015.

We imagine you have been working fairly hard these first few months of 2015, trying to get the year off to a good start. We think it is often overlooked how much of an effect these trialling first months of the year can have on you. Which is why we think it’s time to start thinking about treating yourselves (but a little differently than you might expect). It’s important to give yourself small breaks throughout the year, as this enables you to be more productive in the long run.

But we don’t mean your standard holiday vacation- you’ve done that before, right?! Think about making 2015 the year to discover something new and exciting. We have selected one specific itinerary from The Adventure Boutique’s range that we feel acts as a perfect pick-me-up to reveal a rejuvenated new you.

The Adventure Boutique’s ‘Swiss Revitalisation’ summer itinerary to the fresh crisp town of St. Moritz in Switzerland combines beautiful alpine scenery, health and indulgent opportunities with a sense of adventure. This is really a prime chance to reap the health benefits of this region to invigorate yourself away from the stressors of everyday life.

St. Moritz is primarily known as a major winter destination, having recently celebrated its 150th year in winter tourism. The winter offers a huge range of activities, from skiing and snowboarding to ice hockey and winter horse racing. Although these winter activities offer a truly remarkable experience, it’s hard to find the additional time to experience the true essence of St. Moritz- a town of style, tradition and quality. Moreover, as well as being a fantastic winter destination, St. Moritz is lucky to also boast as a beautiful summer destination. A season a little less well known in St. Moritz albeit, but we think it’s a gem worth discovering. And this specific itinerary offered by The Adventure Boutique truly enables every angle of this gem to shine whilst discovering this charming town.  

This bespoke Swiss adventure includes stays in some of the areas renowned high-end hotels. Throughout the weeklong trip you will stay in the heart of St. Moritz and at higher altitudes in the alpine mountains giving you a breathtaking view over the quaint town. The hotels at altitude offer you panoramic views across the Engadine valley from the hotel’s restaurants, whilst the St. Moritz town hotels ooze the classic sophisticated style St. Moritz is famed for. There are certainly many opportunities to sit back and relax within this unique itinerary (perhaps with a glass of locally produced champagne in hand?)… But there’s oh so much more involved in this itinerary.  


As well as the change in hotels offering different perspectives of this beautiful Swiss area, research also suggests that this mild change in altitude from St. Moritz (1822m) to nearby areas such as Diavolezza (3,000m) produce prolonged health benefits. Studies show that altitude causes changes in cellular metabolism, activation of the central nervous system and peripheral pathways. As a result, staying at altitude for just a short period of time can have a positive effect on long-term health and maintenance of weight loss; hence its inclusion into the Swiss Revitalisation’s itinerary.

In line with the health theme of the trip, St. Moritz also holds Switzerland’s highest therapeutic springs, which are rich with iron and other minerals. It is thought the healing properties of these springs have been utilized for thousands of years, with wood from an old therapeutic water channels dating back to the Bronze Age. Moreover, celebrated homeopathic practitioners, such as the Swiss Paracelsus and the Italian Malacrida, commended the restorative properties of the springs. Even whole royal families would travel to this region in the 19th and 20th centuries solely to take these waters for their rejuvenating properties. So, obviously, we feel you deserve the opportunity to try out these waters too.

These spring waters today are used as a treatment agent in the abundant therapeutic spas in St. Moritz. One critically acclaimed spa, The MTZ Medical Therapy Centre, is well known for combining traditional therapies, such as these local springs, with the latest medical renovations. Treatments include warm stone therapy, mud baths and vitamin and protein hot body wraps.

As this spa is so well renowned, The Adventure Boutique includes not just one, but two treatment sessions here during your visit, just to ensure you make the most of your time in St. Moritz.


Whilst there are plenty of opportunities to relax in critically acclaimed hotels and spas, this itinerary also offers the chance to add venturous escapades to your trip. With numerous hiking and climbing trails to compliment the health benefits of staying at altitude, this trip is a perfect blend of activities to satisfy all desires.

In the summer there are various hiking trails to get involved in which offer a perfect vantage point across the stunning Engadine Valley. The Muottas Muragl Climate Trail offers a stunning view of the Bernina massif, one of the highest mountain ranges in the Alps covered with many glaciers. Of particular interest, this trail is also scattered with information boards that explain the effect climate change is having on the beautiful surrounding landscape. Other trails include the Diavolezza to Munt Pers trial and the glacial hike from Diavolezza to Morteratsch. Hikers in Diavolezza are also rewarded with the option of enjoying Europe’s highest- lying barbecue site at 3,066m on Sass Queder. This must be one of the world’s most magnificent places to enjoy a barbequed steak. After all, you have hiked all the way up there, so you’ll deserve it.

If you’re also feeling particularly adventurous there is also the possible option of climbing a Via Ferrata. These climbing routes were originally designed for soldiers in the first and second world war to carry supplies to their allies across the Alps. As the trip also comes with a highly experienced Expedition Leader, The Adventure Boutique ensures your safety during such escapades and will work with you to pick an activity that suits your ability.


In between exploring different areas of altitude around St. Moritz, indulging yourself in spas and exploring your adventurous side, there is plenty of time to explore the town of St. Moritz itself. Europe’s highest lying shopping street, Via Serlas, is situated in St. Moritz and is one of the worlds most luxurious shopping locations scattered with top brand outlets. This area is also dotted with quaint souvenir and gift shops and unique delicatessens. Confectioner shop, Hauser and Hanselmann, are legendary and well known for their large array of sweet treats, including the famous Engadine nut cake. The ‘When in Rome’ phrase certainly applies here- so make sure you treat yourself whilst shopping!

St. Moritz also boasts approximately 82 restaurants, 3 of which have been rewarded with Michelin stars and an additional handful of restaurants lay claim to gourmet restaurant certificates. So if anything’s for sure, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice on where to dine here. If you also fancy a taste of the stylish nightlife in St. Moritz, a selection of approximately 28 bars will ensure you find a location that suits you.

The combination of the health benefits of this Swiss region, the exquisite dining, spa days and adventurous endeavours are carefully coordinated in this itinerary to give a holistic approach to rejuvenate the health of your soul. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that this itinerary offers the chance to experience one of Europe’s highest panoramic Jacuzzi’s. We’ll leave you with the image of 41-degree bubbles and crisp mountain air soothing you as you enjoy the unrestricted views of the Bernina massif and the Piz Palü Mountains. And again, a glass of locally produced champagne will be on hand- it’d be hard to say no, wouldn’t it? 

Emily Pollard