Sushi, the easy option for a perfect dinner

Black Box Classic

Sushi, the easy option for a perfect dinner

Sushi is a bit like Marmite – you tend to love it or hate it. Well, I love it. So when I discovered that Sushi Shop was opening a branch of its takeaway and home delivery service in Richmond, I had the perfect opportunity to invite one of our Japanese friends and her husband round for dinner and receive their expert opinions.

The Richmond branch is the fifth London branch and the company is well known across Europe. Established by two French entrepreneurs 20 years ago, the company now has over 130 shops globally. Well, to be honest, I’m not at all surprised, as what we had delivered last week was fabulous. Not a cheap home delivery option, mind you, but sushi never is, nor should be - as you want to know you are eating only the very finest fish and other ingredients.

When our delivery arrived I was very impressed with the beautiful packaging. We had chosen the Black Box Classic, a new selection, with 58 pieces for £60. This might seem a lot of sushi, but over the course of the evening, with a good bottle of saki (that had languished in our wine store for some time, waiting for an excuse to be opened), and some Japanese beers, we managed to polish off most of it!

The boxes were stunning – almost too good to throw away afterwards. They arrived beautifully chilled, together with disposable chopsticks (wooden) and rather a lot of tiny plastic bottles of soy sauce and a sweet soy (which none of us particularly liked), plus sachets of wasabi and pickled ginger. Oh, and a stack of smart black paper napkins.

So to the food itself:

As Mayuko pointed out, the box looked like a jewellery box and is an excellent centrepiece for an oriental dinner party. The sushi was prettily arranged inside and nicely decorated, with dabs of mayonnaise, or scattering of sesame seeds. She felt the presentation made the Sushi Shop product unique and ‘very French’. She was impressed by the quality of the sushi, as well as the reasonable prices. To quote: “I thought that the assortment of sushi was quite good. Conventional ones (tuna, salmon, and prawn) were good: fresh fish with well-cooked rice. I liked some of the fusions too, which were very tasty. I liked the chicken katsu rolls; the crunchy katsu texture complemented the cut carrots and gooey sushi rice well. The salmon tataki spring roll was nice; with a bit of spiciness wrapped by a lighter rice paper (rather than nori). The salmon avocado spring roll was a classy combination, complementing each other well, as expected. Some twists from the conventional ones, like teriyaki salmon (salmon appeared a lot...) were good, and the sweetness was subtle, not overpowering.

Interestingly the one Mayuko wasn’t sure about was the salmon and Philadelphia maki (salmon again!), but to be honest, the other three of us really liked it!

So we came to the conclusion that Sushi Shop is very clever with its products appealing to the mass market as well as Japanese customers.

Mrs Foodie

Twickenham Tribune.