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Wicked has been running for ten years at the Apollo Victoria but the show has lost none of its appeal and continues to draw in the audiences.

This stylish, grandiose production takes place before the events in the Wizard of Oz and focuses on the story of good witch Glinda and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West upon who Dorothy’s house falls when she first arrives from Kansas.

Filled with fabulous sets, memorable music and a new cast (as of September) the show remains one of the best musicals currently around in London.

A few points of interest:

Wicked is already the 8th longest running show currently playing in the West End.

On Saturday 12th November at 2”30pm Wicked will become the 18th longest running show in West End theatre history, surpassing the run of the original production of Miss Saigon at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Wicked is one of only three Broadway transfers in the West End to ever run 10 years or more (the other two being The Lion King and the 1997 revival of Chicago.

The show has already been seen by over 8 million people in the city of London alone.

Wicked is the first show in West End history to gross over £1,000,000 in a single week (week ending Saturday 1st January 2011). The production has gone on to break this record on many subsequent occasions, most recently during week-ending Saturday 2 January 2016.

Almost £1 million raised for charity through its For Good programme and many other charitable endeavours.

Winner of 2 Olivier Audience Awards, 9 WhatsOnStage Awards (including “Best New Musical” and “Best West End Show”), A Visit London Gold Award, An Evening Standard Theatre Award and over 100 Awards Worldwide.

In celebration of Wicked’s 10th birthday, theatre owner ATG has invested in the complete refurbishment of the Apollo Victoria Theatre. 

For more details visit the show’s website here.

George R Vaughan