Over Under Coffee

Better than your average coffee

Coffee has become the country’s favourite drink. Just try passing any main high street around the country without bumping into a Starbucks, Costa or Café Nero. Many will have at least one chain, most have them all.

However, coffee purists will no doubt shy away from the mainstream offerings and instead look to more specialist providers of their favourite caffeine boost.

Over Under Coffee is a friendly coffee hang out that promises a premium, consistently excellent cup, time after time, with a menu focused on local produce, including beans sourced from Brixton’s Assembly.  

Opening this week in Ham Yard Village, right in the heart of Soho’s busy boutique district, Over Under Coffee will be focusing on service and taste as its two main objectives.

Soho will be the company’s second location after its flagship store in Earl’s Court and I am convinced they have grand designs to expand their quality offering to other parts of the city if the public buy into their philosophy.

They also have a great range of British foods made from produce sourced from local suppliers.

It certainly won’t be the cheapest cup of coffee you’ll buy but it will most likely be one of the best.

For more information on Over Under Coffee visit their website here.

George R Vaughan