National BBQ week – 28th May – 3rd June

BBQ week

National BBQ week – 28th May – 3rd June

Just as the good weather disappears!

I don’t want to depress you, and I very much hope I am wrong on this, but the weather forecast for next week, looks pretty dire!
Typically for this country, this coincides with ‘National BBQ Week’, but I still felt it opportune to highlight a few events and promotions that are planned. Who knows, the forecast might improve!

The BBQ ‘Baptas’

This promotion is part of National BBQ Week and invites you to enter the 2nd BBQ Baptas (a video upload competition) and aspire to gain ‘Grill Glory’ and win prizes. There are three categories: My Best BBQ ever; Funniest BBQ and The Worst BBQ ever, leaving you plenty of scope!

If you fancy heading up to town, then there is BBQ by the River running from 1-3 June at Hays Galleria and Above The Scoop on the Riverside at More Lon- don. Apparently, there’ll be lots of fun and lots of free samples of BBQ food & drink.

BBQ Night at Ralph’s

Much closer to home is a special BBQ night on Wednesday, June 6 at Ralph’s Wine Cellar and deli in Whitton. For £45 a head they are doing a tasting of wines to accompany your summer grills, as well as a range of sauces, rubs and cheese for al fresco events. They promise an evening of flavours, plenty of food and a bit of a party.... Sounds good! Booking essential though.

If you are serious about BBQ and want to learn from an expert, look no further: The only Brit ever to win the world-famous ‘Jack Daniels’ World BBQ Championship is Jackie Weight, and she has recently launched her own BBQ school down in Kent, as well as a range of delicious Jackie Weight BBQ Rubs, made to her own special recipe. She will also run corporate BBQ workshops – a great way to motivate staff.

Robata – if you are really serious

Taking barbecue to the next level? Then check out a new book called Robata. This is the Japanese take on barbecue grilling food. The word itself translates as ‘fireside cooking’ and it is often eaten like tapas, with a focus on sharing. This is a beautiful book, and an ideal gift for a serious foodie! Silla Bjerrum, the dynamic businesswoman behind the very success Feng Sushi restaurants, wrote it, so she knows what she is talking about!

£25 Published by Jacqui Small

Whatever the weather, I hope you manage to enjoy a barbecue this week. Don’t forget that Sandys and other independent retailers sell delicious meats and fish ready to fling onto those coals, and most of the supermarkets seem to have barbecue promotions running at the moment. Happy grilling!

Alison Jee

Twickenham Tribune