La La Land

La La Land

Currently grabbing plaudits from almost everyone, La La Land could very well be the feel-good movie of the year and we’re hardly a month into 2017!

The story is imbued with such a nostalgic sense of old-time enthusiasm and charm that if you don’t come out of the cinema with a smile on your face then you’re probably made of stone.

Mia (Emma Stone) is an aspiring young actress who serves the tables of Hollywood movie stars to get by as she attends audition after audition in pursuit of that big break. Across town, dedicated jazz musician Sebastian (the annoyingly handsome Ryan Gosling) barely earns a living playing piano in cocktail bars.

Brought together in love, their affair is quickly tested when they suddenly both land opportunities that could finally bring their respective dreams to life but only it would seem, at the expense of their newly discovered relationship.

Will they choose romance or career dreams (or perhaps somehow find a way to achieve both)? I’ll leave you to go find out but suffice to say this is an in your face, feel good bonanza that will have everyone from Fred Astaire to Ginger Rogers dancing in the afterlife with joy!

Don’t miss out – even if you’re not a regular cinema goer. You’re sure to go Ga Ga for La La Land!

George R Vaughan