On The Fly

Photographer Sharon Minkoff

“Activities that develop or occur dynamically rather than as the result of something that is statically predefined “

21-24 September 2017, The House Mill Gallery, London E3 3DU

A unique synthesis of three diverse art forms by three members of the same family: Yael Minkoff - painter, Sharon Minkoff - photographer, Michael Minkoff - potter.  Commonly linked by an innate desire to portray feelings, surroundings, light and colours as they appear- undiluted, intense and almost raw.

Painter Yael Minkoff describes herself as an ‘intuitive’ artist, driven by experimentation, new ideas & new media.  Her fascination with vivid colours, movement and mixed media carry the paintings that emerge on her canvas with much depth and intensity so as to bring them to life.  Having enjoyed a host of solo and mixed shows in London during the late 80’s followed by timeout exhibiting to focus on raising her children, she has now returned to painting full time.  ‘On the fly’ will mark her first London debut in 20 years and will showcase her most recent landscapes & portraits as well as introducing her intricately detailed collages. www.yaelminkoff.com

Photographer Sharon Minkoff is a global traveller with a distinctive attraction to colour and what she describes as ‘the everyday’. Her latest photographic series is a thought provoking collection of images from around the globe of small details and everyday objects that tell a story of their own. Nothing is set up, touched or moved.  With use of light and colour, simple scenes are transformed into images in their own right. With successful solo shows in both Panama and Spain, ‘on the fly’ at The House Mill Gallery will see her first home city debut. www.sharonminkoff.com

Potter Michael Minkoff creates simple forms with a characteristic aesthetic appeal, incorporating fine details and small touches of colour and texture. Working on the potter’s wheel as well as using his own unique glazes mostly in blue, green and white he strives to create pottery that is timeless, practical and well balanced. With a series of London shows since 2015 and having won the award for ‘Best functional Pottery’ (2015, London Potters at the Morley Gallery) ‘On the fly’ will showcase some of his most recent works introducing his new complex wares, made directly or by joining forms on the wheel. Larger and more decorative than his previous works, they seek to explore the boundaries of traditional form. www.michaelminkoffpottery.com

The House Mill Gallery is part of the Grade I listed House Mill, believed to be the oldest and largest tidal mill in the world, set in a beautiful riverside location in east London. Built in 1776, the House Mill is owned by the House Mill Trust, which is working to protect, restore and maintain the unique legacy of the building. The Gallery has hosted a range of artists, local as well as international. Its compelling, quirky atmosphere is unlike that of other London gallery spaces creating a truly unique ambience for exhibitions of artists’ and modern craft makers’ work. www.thehousemill.org.uk

Nadia Minkoff