A Bhuti-ful Start to the Year

Bhuti Bowls

A Bhuti-ful Start to the Year

So, it’s now 2018. Christmas - and all that jazz - is now over. If, like me, you have over-indulged during the festive season, you might be looking to sharpen your act in the next month or two. You may even be doing ‘Dry January’ or perhaps ‘Veganuary’? Or maybe you’re just trying to eat less and drink less and be healthy?

Well, here’s a tip for you. Check out a fab little organic, vegan café on Hill Rise in Richmond, at a place called bhuti. It’s been open now for two years and is a members’ club with yoga/pilates studios, hi-tec holistic treatments and complementary therapies... and the brilliant little café (that is open to non members). And it’s open from 8 in the morning, so if you’re really healthy and into an early morning run, you could drop in for breakfast en route home!

Cicely Brown, bhuti’s in-house chef, is a nutritional therapist who’s passionate about ‘stripping nutrition back to the basics and regaining a more instinctive approach to how we eat’. Brunch is served all day (café closes at 6 p.m.) and offers something for all tastes, from porridge or granola to power pancakes, or buckwheat paleo toast with avo, lemon and chilli (or nut butter and banana). And there is homemade soup of the day, served with a buckwheat bite. What I really enjoyed for lunch though, was the bhuti bowl – a delicious concoction of all the nicest yummy healthy things like curried cauliflower, sweet potato wedges, roast vegetables, quinoa, avocado, toasted cashews and lots, lots more. You get to choose one item from each of the five main categories but you can add extras, like hummus, avocado, pomegranate for a small additional cost. It was one of the tastiest salads I’ve had for a very long time, with a great dressing and it was very filling. Regular is £9 and large is £12.

If you are really into the whole vegan/alternative lifestyle you will be in ‘drinks heaven’ as the bhuti café serves a range of (in my opinion perhaps rather weird-sounding - but no doubt delicious) lattes and smoothies, but freshly pressed juices and regular coffee (organic of course) are also available. Together with some lovely cakes and desserts.

There’s something rather special about the atmosphere at this little oasis of calm and tranquillity tucked away in bustling Richmond. The concept of bhuti is the brainchild of Samantha Trinder, whose family owns The Bingham, so you know the quality will be top- notch.


Alison Jee

Twickenham Tribune.