Babe, The Sheep-Pig

Babe The Sheep Pig

Fans of the hit 90s movie Babe will fall in love with this appealing tale for audiences of all ages that tells the story of the sheep pig that defied all the odds to make a difference.

Playing at the Polka Theatre, Wimbledon, the farmyard set is beautifully visualised and married with some impressive puppetry that has the younger set wide-eyed and enchanted from the very start.

A wonderful opening that features an ensemble of sheep performing a fast-paced musical number before introducing the characters and finally Babe, you get the immediate sense that something magical is happening.

As the story unfolds it continues to charm and utilises some creative set pieces and wonderful costumes to keep you engaged. In particular the Wolf comes across as a scary but standout individual that younger children will certainly find menacing.

The overall production is a treat for families and if you’re thinking about one show this Christmas, Babe, The Sheep Pig comes across as highly recommended.

George R Vaughan